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Peer to Peer Hotline client that can download folders flawlessly

This application must be made for Mac OS X 10.4 (I chose Linux because there is no MacOS X option and since MacOS X is unix/linux based now it's the best choice). For information on what the peer to peer Hotline system is you should visit the following links:

[url removed, login to view]://[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Now then, I would like someone to make me a simplified client in which I can download folders as they are on the server and their file contents exactly as they are on the server, even if the administrator has set the setting to disallow such. Now then, I do have a perfectly good reason for wanting this and the reason is this: there is this great hotline with vintage software and it has a very deep and organized folder structure with tons of abandonware software that nowadays is very collectable and hard to get. The admin does not wish to provide dvds or an archive for download of the hotline servers content, not even in exchange for money and instead has insisted that I leech everything. However the admin has set the server to not allow downloading of folders and it would take forever to manually download evrything and keep the structure as it is on the server intact. As such I'd like a client that does the following:

* Upon launch, requests a server address and has optional fields for username/pass incase the server needs it and has the appropiate button for logging on...

* Upon logging on you are presented with an area to chat with the users of the server who are currently logged in as is done with other clients (however the news and private messaging parts don't have to be implemented)

* There is also an area of course to view the folders (ideally this would be organized via tabs so that you could choose via tabs whether to chat or go through the folders and files)

* There is an area to view the que where you are able to remove files/folders from the que or pause/resume items...if a folder was chosen to be downloaded it should have the arrow to the side of it and when the arrow is clicked it should show the files inside the folder and folders that may exist inside of that folder with the same arrow done (i.e. the way this is done in the Finder when in list view)

* You can choose the folders and/or files to download in the file/folder view mentioned above and there will be buttons to add the selection to the que

* In order to avoid the limitations that may be put in place by admins in regards to the folders I would think something like this could be implemented: the client, when one or more folders are requested, sends requests to the hotline server that make it appear like the user is browsing the folders while the server is really indexing the folder and file layout, the client should then based on what it finds about the layout, should make the appropiate folders in the exact manner they are on the server in the user specified download location (this should be choosable in the login window shown when the app is open)..after it creates the folders it should download the programs one by one and place them in the folders they belong in, based exactly on how they were located on the server

* There should be an ability to choose to not download files based on size (and a drop down menu should be availible to choose the size measurement such as byte, kb, mb, etc) and/or extension and if any of those options are put in effect by the user, there should be a tab added or a button in the que area to view the files/folders skipped once everything in the que has been downloaded

* There should be the option to allow the following: attempt to reconnect if disconnected from server with ability to specify how many times to attempt reconnection and at what intervals, ability to retry failed downloads and if so how many times and at what interval

I am hoping to be able to get this done for the price of $50-$70 and can pay via PayPal or any other online credit card merchant system

Also, the client should do whatever needs to be done to always keep the user appearing to be active so the user is never seen inactive and thus possibly kicked

Beceriler: C Programlama, Linux

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