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This is a very simple C program, that MUST be written using Microsoft Visual Stdio Net. It should be done at an introductory level. Please email me if you are interested and I will give more details about what I want. But basically, here is the project.

The goal is to write what is known as an "expert system". Essentially, the user would ask a question of the program and the program responds by telling the user if it knows the answer or not. If it does not, the user supplies an answer, which the program stores in a file, along with the corresponding question. When the user asks a question, the program looks through this file to see if it already has an answer to that question. Of course, the questions can vary slightly and the program should still be able to match them (for example, "where is nyc" and "where nyc" might be the same question). Also, the questions are not case-sensitive ("how are you" and "HOW ARE you" are the same).

The project must be completed by December 18th.

Thank You to everyone who is interested in helping.

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