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Turn your lab4 into a program that you can run off of the command line. Basically, you need to be able to run it something like this:

$ ./lab5

and have it do its thing... command line arguments and the whole bit are possibilities. I recommend that you do it thus:

Compile your [url removed, login to view] and any other helper files. See the COMPILE-FILE function.

Start up your Lisp, and from the top level, load your [url removed, login to view] and any helpers.

Create a new function that will start your application if you don't already have one, something like RUN-LAB5 that, when evaluated, will make sure everything happens properly.

Dump a memory image of your Lisp. For CMUCL, see the function EXTENSIONS:SAVE-LISP for details. The Web documentation of CMUCL describes the function in detail. [url removed, login to view] Be sure that when you invoke EXTENSIONS:SAVE-LISP that you specify your :init-function... RUN-LAB5 would be appropriate. :-) For CLISP, which I recommend, look at EXT::SAVEINITMEM.

Write a shell script called lab5 that will start up your Lisp with the right options. Something like this would be good:


/usr/contrib/bin/clisp -q [url removed, login to view]

After you have a lab5 shell script with the code above, you need to change the permissions. chmod 755 lab5

that's the assignment. and you can find the lab 4 under this....

; In this lab, I tried to implement some Matrix Operations,

; These are the only matrix operations that I remember from

; the freshman year.

; The code will print out the row count

(defun matrix-rows (matrix)

(length matrix))

; The code will print out the column count

(defun matrix-columns (matrix)

(length (first matrix)))

; Zero Matrix (A x B)

; This function will crate matrixes full of zeros,

; depends on the input (A x B)

(defun zero-matrix (m n)

(let ((result nil))

(dotimes (i m)

(push (make-list n :initial-element 0) result))


; Multiplication of Two Matrixes

; The function will print out

; I preferred flet instead of let because flet makes let like binding

; instead of variables. Otherwise, it returns illegal veriable error.

(defun mul-matrix (a b)

(flet ((col (mat i) (mapcar #'(lambda (row) (elt row i)) mat))

(row (mat i) (elt mat i)))

(loop for row from 0 below (length a)

collect (loop for col from 0 below (length (row b 0))

collect (apply #'+ (mapcar #'* (row a row) (col b col)))))))

; Merging Two Macrices

; Number of Rows must be equal to be able to merge them,

; thus, the code will check rows of the matrices.

; If they are not equal, an error code will show up.

; Otherwise, the program will run.

(defun merge-matrix (matrix-1 matrix-2)

(if (not (or (eql (matrix-rows matrix-1) (matrix-rows matrix-2)) (null matrix-1) (null matrix-2))) (error "Invalid dimensions."))


((null matrix-1) (copy-tree matrix-2))

((null matrix-2) (copy-tree matrix-1))

(t (let ((result (copy-tree matrix-1)))

(dotimes (i (matrix-rows matrix-1))

(setf (nth i result) (nconc (nth i result) (nth i matrix-2))))


The Language will be in Common Lisp - CLISP...

I am going to attach the assignment... and What I submitted for lab4 ... I'm also going to attach lab4 assignment so you can get the idea..It's in word format..


Thanks bro..

By the way, I don't want something so fancy. Just the requirements... ok...

i can pay 20$

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