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479725 Digital Divide Detector (3D)

3D application shall query the telephone directory to select phone numbers and related addresses to map a territory's digital divide.

Digital Divide is the name given to the gap that exists between those people that are reached by standard or advanced broadband connection and those people that cannot enjoy the benefits of broadband because the nearest service-center (node) of the local telephone company is not equipped with up to date broadband-grade hardwares and/or cabling. Most commonly, Digital Divide occours in rural areas or in peripheric urban areas. In Italy, it is estimated that a good 20-30% of territory is digitally divided and that most of this no-broadband areas are scattered along the central mountain's ridge that runs all the peninsula along.

The purpose of 3D is to map those scattered areas by quering the phone company's directory services to collect the phone numbers not reached by broadband services and the related addresses. Such addresses shall then be plotted on maps overlayed to Google Earth.

What 3D shall do can be better described by following steps:

1) Step One: 3D will query phone company's database ALFA to collect information about the availability of broadband to a series of numbers. This number series will be entered as input in the form of "start number ..........end number". Many numbers queried will, of course, result as not valid, but this is not important, since 3D will simply discard them. When picking a valid number, 3D will store the results of the query consisting in basically three items: a) the phone number itself; b) the location of the "node"; c) the connectivity offered (these are standard infos, so its easy to collect them)

2) Step Two: 3D will use the stored phone numbers to query phone company's database BETA, i.e., the phone directory, to get the address and name of the number's owner. Again, some numbers will yield no address at all. But most of them will have an address associated. 3D will store the address and the subscriber's name.

3) Step Three: 3D will generate a Google Eart overlay add on that will highlight on the maps the Digital Divide "nodes" and the Digital Divide "phone numbers". As an example, the nodes could be indicated on the map as blue spots and the numbers as violet spots, or whatever is appropriate.

All data are publicly accessible. All databases can be easily queried online.

Beceriler: C Programlama, Javascript

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