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In the world of multilevel marketing, there are roughly 15,000,000 individual participants, and 1,500 companies in the United States and Canada. At least 75% of these companies provide a replicated website to their distributors, affiliates, associates -- whatever they are called in that particular [url removed, login to view] address for each of these websites starts with a domain followed by a unique identifier for each distributor. For example, Mona Vie has a domain which is [url removed, login to view]********. The stars represent the unique identifier which is either a number, a clever word or phrase, a combination of first and last name or initials, or some combination of all of the [url removed, login to view] of these websites have the phone number of the distributor on the front page, or you might have to click a link or several links to get to the page with that distributor's phone number. These are the records that I need. If the replicated website does not have the distributors phone number, it is of no use to me. If it does have the phone number, it might also have the distributor's name and e-mail address.I have already accumulated over 600 domains for these companies. If I give you the domain, I need you to find as many replicated websites as possible, so that I can have as many distributor phone numbers as possible. To this project, I have attached an abridged Excel file that shows an example of the data that needs to be given to [url removed, login to view] job could go on for years, because 97% of the people in multilevel marketing quit every year and are replaced by new [url removed, login to view] required - unless you know how to get into a multilevel marketing database, I think you'll need to use a combination of brute force searching with a dictionary containing millions of words and phrases that are typically used as the distributor identifiers in these website addresses. You will also need a complete list of all the first and last names used in the United States and Canada, easily obtained from Census bureaus. For every live replicated website you find, you will need to have a way to scrape the data I need from that [url removed, login to view]'ll probably need to write a different program for each domain, because the data that you need to scrape is located in different areas for each domain. However, if I have you search a domain for all the repetition websites, and I know that there are 500,000 that exist, and you find half of them, they will all be completely identical except for the actual distributor contact information, and that information will always be located in the same [url removed, login to view] the past 6 months, I have used one coder who has found just under 2 million of these websites. At $0.5 per site, he has made $30,000. In addition, I need you to continually verify that the websites you have found are still active and still have phone numbers on them, and I pay .005 per site. Over the last four months, I have paid this coder in excess of $45,000. Like I said, it's a great long-term job, but for personal reasons, the gentleman I was working with is no longer [url removed, login to view] you think you have the necessary skills to do this work, I can give you several domains and you can show me your results. As you can see, this is long-term job in which you are paid for what you produce. However, I am open to paying some up front money for you to develop your techniques and software, but you will not be paid on your production until that upfront money has been recovered.


I need you to tell me how you would approach this project. Would you use the techniques I mentioned? Do you have other ways to find these websites?

By the way, search engines will disappoint, because they list sites with unique relevant data, and replicated websites, as stated before, are all duplicates except for the contact info.

For example, Zam Zuu is an MLM company with 500,000 distributors, all with replicated websites. Google might give you access to only 1,000 of them. I wish all of you the best of luck in bidding on this job. At the rate it's been going with my existing coder, this will produce $100,000 income per year or more.

Beceriler: .NET, C Programlama, Javascript, Sosyal Motor

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