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Very good but CHEAP programmer needed.

Please read 100% of the text VERY CAREFULLY if you want the job. It's not for beginners! Only for people who know what they are doing! You will get many more other projects in the future, if your work is good and cheap.

I need an application that does the following:

Application starts.

- User enters 3 Links to different php-scripts that i created myself. One php script creates a Video Title, one creates a Video Description, one creates Video Keywords.

- User enters the location of a folder with videos on the computer (file browse option needed)

- User enters the location of a xls file that contain youtube login information. (column 1 = gmail email addresses (for login to youtube via the link "Sign in with your Google Account!", column 2 = associated youtube passwords) (file browse option needed)

- User enters the location of a file called "[url removed, login to view]" (file browse option needed)

- User select or do not select an option called "email" via a checkbox. If the user selects "send email", then he can enter an emailaddress to send from and one email address to send to. (i will tell you more about this function later)

- User selects "waiting time" between x seconds and x seconds at random (i will tell you more about this function later)

- User clicks "Start"

1. The software starts the file "[url removed, login to view]" (this file is created by me and reconnects the computer to the internet, so the provider gives a new IP). Then the software waits 3 Seconds and then it starts "[url removed, login to view]" again. (It have to be started twice for each reconnect because of a bug.) Then the software waits till the IP changed. If the IP did not change after 1 minute then the software shows an error message "Can not change IP. Please contact the Employer."

2. Now the software goes to [url removed, login to view] and virtual clicks the link "Sign In" and then "Sign in with your Google Account!" Then it enters the first email address from the xls file and the associated password.

3. Now it goes to "Upload", then to "Use multi-video uploader", then to "Add Videos to List". Now it selects the first 4 or the first 5 or the first 6 or the first 7 or the first 8 videos (random number of videos between 4 and 8) from the video folder.

4. Then it enters a title for the first video just by calling the php-file which the user defined for title. (My php-files give a new random text at each call.) Then it enters a description for the first video just by calling the php-file which the user defined for description. Then it enters keywords for the first video just by calling the php-file which the user defined for keywords. Then it enters a title, description and keywords for the second video by calling the php-files, then for the third... and so on.

5. Then the software checks if all fields were filled out correctly. If yes, then it virtual clicks on "Upload All Videos" and waits until all videos were uploaded. If no, then it waits 1 minute and then tries to refill it again. After 3 trials without success it shows an error message "Fields couldn't filled out. Please contact the Employer."

6. After the upload is finished it signes out from the youtube account and deletes the first account login information from the xls-file.

7. Then it waites for a random time that the user defined in the option "waiting time". Example: The user defined "between 240 and 3600 at random". The software waits for example 2102 seconds now. (Or 1232 seconds, or 299 seconds, ... just a number of seconds between those two digits.)

8. Then the software goes to step 1. (change IP), step 2., ...and so on and uploads videos to the next youtube acounts and then to the next youtube accounts, .... and so on till all videos from the video folder have been uploaded. Example: If the software uploaded the first 5 videos from the video folder to the first youtube account, then for the next youtube account it starts with video 6 and uploads for example: video 6, video 7, video 8, video 9, video 10 and video 11. For the next youtube account it starts with video 12..... and so on.

9. When all videos from the video folder have been uploaded the software shows "All videos have been uploaded".

10. If the user selected the option "send email" then the software sends an email to the defined email-address from the defined emailaddress with the following content. example: email subject: "100 videos uploaded", email: "5 videos to the account sweetlinda19:wrf67233, 6 videos to the account hotbabe23:sde46332... and so on"

- The software can paused and stopped at any time.

- The User can save all settings of the software to a file. (User can select file name) The User can easily load these settings in the future.

- If needed the user can export an exe-file. This exe-file is nothing more than the software itself but when the user starts it, he will not see the settings. There is only the start button, the pause button and the stop button. If the user clicks the start button, the software uses the settings which are made before exporting the exe-file. But the location of the video-folder, the location of the xls-file and the location of "[url removed, login to view]" are now set relative to the location of the exported exe-file. (video folder name: "videos", xls-file name: "[url removed, login to view]") The user may not see what the exported exe-software is doing exactly when it is running.

- The Software must have an option to use "Tor" automatically to change the IPs. So the user can decide if he wants the reconnect method or the "Tor"-method.

- The software works fast an has no errors!

- The software does use less system resources. (can run on an old pc)

- The software runs on xp and vista.

- The software can start directly without the need of installation.

- You can choose the program language. But not in Java.

- You may NOT give the software to anyone else! I get the exclusive right to use the software.

- VERY IMPORTANT: ONE YEAR UPDATE GUARRANTY: If youtube changes forms and/or options so the software can not upload videos anymore, then the programmer guarranties for one year to always update the software for free within 4 days at max. Maybe youtube does not change things for one year so there is no extra work. 50% of the money will hold in escrow for one year. After one year you get the rest of the money. It's only for making sure the ONE YEAR UPDATE GUARRANTY works.

The cheaper you can program the software, the higher is your chance for getting the job.


Beceriler: Her şey Kabul, C Programlama, Delphi, Visual Basic

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