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City build - openGL project

Part 1 - Simple 2D program that designs an area like SimCity1 game.

Left side of the window will be those menu icons: Mountain, Valley, Tree, Road.

When clicking on each icon, it's highlited.

If the "mountain icon" is highlited so every click on the area will raise it

so points near the clicking point will be higher from points that far from clicking point.

Same for the "valley icon".

We will use colors to present the highet. Higher points will be more brown and lower points will be more green.

If the height is under 0 the color will be blue.

Road will be just a line. If the road is pass above water, mark that it pass in a bridge.

Part 2 - A program that change the result of section 1 (2D) to a 3D world.

Add one car that moves in a road and allow 3 different views:

Regular view (Once pressing on F1 button).

View from up - parallel to axis Y (Once pressing on F2 button).

View from inside the car (Once pressing on F3 button).

Part 3 - A program that based on section 1 & section 2.

In the project we can design an area (like section 1) and then we can view it (like section 2).

Add an option to define a city that will be settled as some building group in various sizes & styles (size & style will be random).

The cities will be connected with the roads (you don't have to build a full graph, just to verify that there is a route from city to city).

Add bridges if necessary and add cars motion for both sides on the road.

Like section 2, add regular view, up view, and inside view from one of the cars you choose by pressing F1, F2, F3 respectively.

The houses need to be build from various textures and cars need to be built from various materials and need to be lit.


The code will be developed in OpenGL C++ -> Visual Studio 2010.

The code have to be well commented (Begginer OpenGL).

The project need to be written in OpenGL and use glut.

Each of the sections need to be seperate project in visual studio.


Beceriler: C++ Programlama, OpenGL

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