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i need a script to manage a charity(for students who are training)

- to delete users :remove user configuration files

Transferring the directory and its contents, in the subdirectory / home / old_user /.

- for creating groups –no need check point

Ex. the crypt () function to # Generate a secret word.

sub generate_mdp {

my $pw = $_[0] ; #Encrypt password has received as a parameter.

my $salt = $_[1] ;

my $mdp ; # Crypt password.

$mdp = crypt( "$pw", "$salt" ) ;

print "DEBUG: password= $mdp\n" ;


generate_mdp( "1\@Secret", "\$1\$[url removed, login to view]\$" );

Project Description:

I need a perl script that to add accounts for new users of the system(Linux)

The list of users you is a CSV file. The first field contains the name family, the second his name, the third employee number and fourth service. For example:

Titico, John-Yvy,2500,accounting


[url removed, login to view] user name is composed of the first letter of the first name followed

the first seven letters of the name. For example, Jean-Yves Titico becomes jtitico.

2. If two user names are identical, the second will be amended

changing the last digit by digit. For example:

strembla, strembl1, strembl2

3. All characters in the user name will be small letters (transposition tr).

4. The password is the same for all new users their first connection is 1erp @ ss. It must be passed as a parameter when the creation of the user account. Use the default encryption

provided by the encryption utility.

5. To increase security, the password must be changed when the first use.

6. The life of passwords is 90 days.

7. The comment field (GECOS) contains the full name of the user.

8. The user is notified 7 days prior to the expiration of the password.

9. The account will be disabled 7 days after the expiration of the password.

10. The directories will be created in the directory / home /. by

eg / home / cblanche.

11. Groups which include users correspond to the table


Group name GID Name in the group

Accounting 2500 accoun

Production 2550 prod

Engineering 2600 engin

Info Technology 2650 IT

Maintenance 2700 main

The number corresponds to the group number (GID) in the file / etc / group.

In addition, the group of information technology are also

members of the group "wheel" by default.

12. You will need to create the groups.

13. Configuration files must contain the following aliases:

→ rm rm-i;

→ cp cp-i;

→ mv mv-i;

→ dir ls-l

14. We ask you, at the same time, create a second script for removing users. This script must:

•-Remove any presence of the user files configuration.

Transferring the directory and its contents in the subdirectory / home / old_user /.

- The default shell for all users is bash.

- Finally, the script will automatically start every Sunday at 11:00 p.m. if and only if the CSV file exists.

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