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Gather Contact Info from THIS website and put in Excel Format- EASY

The Boy Scouts of America is a community group for the youth of america. I need the contact data of many different boy scout troops gathered in excel format. I will need name, troop #, city, state,zip, email address, and phone number of contact person. I will provide you with the template for the excel data to be entered into. I will also provide you with the website to use to gather the data.

This is an example of how the project will work

1. go to [url removed, login to view]

2. in the drop down menu that says 'search by state' select "California" and then click the button next to the menu that says "Go". This will take you to a page that shows a list of different boy scout troops

3. You will get the troop number, city, state, and zip from this list for each different troop. To get the contact info such as phone number and the contact name that goes along with this phone number, as well as email, you will need to visit each troops website. You will need to click on the 'troop number' and this will take you to the website. Please search through the website pages and find a contact number of either a scoutmaster, fundraiser leader, leader, parent comittee, or something along those lines. Also, you need to find the email of any of those members mentioned above. If you cannot find specific contact info for a certain person on the webpage you can simply get the email address for the troop by seeing where the 'email us today' link goes on the boy scout directory website (4yoursafety....)

You will be gathering this information for every troop that shows up when you search by California. If you are successful we will also later have you gather all 50 US States.

Please keep in mind you may NOT use any programs for this to automate the work simply because you have to search through the websites to find a contact phone number and name. As far as i'm aware there is not any software that is this precise.

When responding please note how much you would charge for all the contact info for California troops. Please separate this quote into price for contact information with phone numbers and contact information without phone numbers. We would strongly prefer a phone number for each and every contact, however we realize that some of them may not be listed on the website.

I look forward to working with you, as working with GAF workers is always a pleasure. Keep up the good work

i realize that you may not be able to find phone numbers for every boy scout troop. What we are trying to do is gather a large directory of boy scout troops' contact information such as location, email address, and phone number of the leader or some contact person. If you can think of a good way to find this information I would be interested in hearing your suggestions

another possible way to gather the contact info would be to simply google search "boy scout troop+california". This search give you boy scout troops in california. You would then go to each webpage and get the information.

Please give me your ideas about this or how you can get this information more easily.

*Also, if you're involved in boy scout troops in America contact me...I have a fundraiser that i'm doing with my particular troop that you would be interested in. Thanks*


We have been researching our goals for marketing within our company and have decided that we must modify this project posting. We are notifying all interested GAF workers about this change so that they may respond with their new project acceptance according to these terms. Please read through the details below carefully and respond accordingly.

We will not be gathering phone numbers
We have decided that is is most beneficial at this time to not work to gather phone numbers. Instead we will be contacting people via email. Therefore you will be collecting the information that is present on the attached excel file (contactgather.xls). The information is Troop Number, City, State, Zipcode, email address, and contact person of email address. The 'contact ID' will simply be yourname001, yourname002, yourname003, and so on.... This is how we will simply track who provided the contact information. We will not be gathering phone numbers for any Boy Scout Troops at this time.

You will still be using the origional website that we referenced in GAF
You will be gathering the troop information from the Boy Scout directory that we provided in the GAF posting ( site. Please see GAF posting). We request that you gather the requested information for the states of California, Nevada, and Arizona at this time.

Payment for this project
In regards to payment for this project we will be paying 5 cents USD for every qualified record, via paypal payment. By 'qualified record' this means that the email address is valid. Some contact emails in the past have been bad email addresses that do not work, therefore they are useless to us. When an email address is bad, we get an error message that is returned to us as the sender. To prove that we are paying you for only valid addresses we may forward you every error message that is returned to us if you would like. This error email will tell the reader exactly what email address was not valid.
Payment will be sent via paypal after we have sent out the email campaign and been able to see which contact records are qualified and which are bad email addresses. We will be sending out the email campaign within 48 hours after you have provided the excel contact sheet. Therefore, you will be paid within 24-48 hours after the email campaign has been sent out.
In the GAF posting we had informed that you could not use any automated contact gathering programs for this project. Due to the circumstances that are changing, we realize that you CAN use this software now because of the simplicity of the project as it now is. As long as you can provide the contact information according the the excel spread sheet that I have designed and attached (contactgather.xls), then i do not care how you physically gather the information.

Time Frame For Project Completion- Important
The timeline for this project is important. We will be picking a designer by 7pm USA PST today, february 1st. We will simply email the instructions, which are detailed above, to the winning bidder at that time. We want the contact information emailed back to my email address by 9pm USA PST Feb 1st. If that is not possible then it must be sent by 8am USA PST Tomorrow, Feb 2nd. No later date will be accepted.
Please be sure to constantly check in with the GAF posting or check your email if we've spoke via email or IM regarding this project. We will be picking a bidder today by 7pm USA PST and the winner is expected to start right away.

We Will Have Future Similar Work
In regards to future work, if you are successful with gathering this contact infomation for us according to these details we will have future work in gathering the remainder of states information from the 4yoursafety website, and then we will be working on a google search campaign. I will provide details about this campaign when it is time to start that particular project.

When Responding To These New Details
When responding to these new details please verify the following: 1) you can start at 7pm PST today, feb1st 2) You will accept the rate of 5 cents USD for each 'qualified' contact record 3) You can have the information emailed to me by either 9pm PST Feb 1st, or 8am PST Feb2nd at the latest. Please verify which time you will have it completed.
Those designers that do not following these instructions for responding will not be considered.

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding these new details as soon as possible and look forward to working with you.


please notice the example entry on contactgather.xls

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