MS Access Assignment

Referred Assignment Deliverables

The referred assignment is based on the attached requirements and you are required to submit the following:

A level 1 New Logical DFD of the system proposed to meet all of the requirements specified in the Business Requirements Definition in Appendix 4

Relations in 3NF by normalizing the delivery note shown in Appendix 2 in to 3NF relations showing how the date in the first, second and third form (1NF, 2NF & 3NF)

A logical structure diagram (LDS) for the whole system with named relations showing optionality and exclusivity where appropriate. The data structure diagram must show the primary keys for each entity; any foreign keys in the entity and all attributes for each entity. Primary key notation should be shown using an underline and foreign key notation using an asterisk.

A disc holding an MS-ACCESS system which will run on a UWE computer in 2P47/48/49. The submitted system should be installation and configuration tested. It should display error-free execution of the load and run of this system. The system is required to perform the tests shown in Appendix 1.

Appendix 1: Test for the MS-ACCESS deliverable

Test for the requirements of Order Processing System.

The system is only required to perform one function which is the receipt and storage of an order and the automatic update of the stock table as the order data is entered. The test below requires a run of the stock report before the order is received and after it has been processed. These functions must run from a menu system which allows the user to select one of four main functions:

1) Order Processing

2) Sales Invoicing

3) Purchase Order Processing

4) Issue and Receipt of Stock

Test Steps:

a) from the menu run the report which will show the current stock levels of all items on the database

b) Search for a customer whose name contains the letters `Abcde’ and show that database does not contain a customer with this name.

c) Enter the details for this customer

d) Perform test b) again and show that this customer does now exist. Display this customer’s name and address in a form which accepts an order from this customer.

e) Enter the details of the items ordered by this customer (any order – you can just make something up)

f) Store this customer’s order

g) Run the report a) again showing that the stock levels have been decreased by the quantities ordered.

Will send the rest of the assignment description (explanatory appendices) to the person whose id has been selected.

I will select bids within 3 hours from posting time and will expect the assignment within 18 hours following that.

It is critical that I receive it at the stated time.

Please do not ask for your money before, as I will not pay a cent prior to testing the work. After you finish ON TIME and send me a WORKING program according to the specs, you will be paid within the hour.

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