Drupal developper for modules install/config

Hi there --

The basic idea is a casting/audition project scheduling/management.


Participants can create/edit their account/profile themself.

Data needed in participant's profile :

- Personal info (name, address, phone, email)

- Physical details (size, weight)

- Pictures (upload)

- Participants have status: idle (not assigned to any project), assigned (to a project), scheduled (for a session), confirmed (before session), not confirmed (before a session), rejected (from a project, after a session), "still in" (after a session, thus likely to be called for the next session), shortlisted (after the last session).

2/Projects :

- A project involves one or more sessions.

- A session takes place on one or more days, where participants are assigned (by admins) configurable time slots (e.g. 30mn each) throughout the given day.

- Sessions have a location.

- A project is either open or closed.


Team members that can assign participants to a project/session. Send mails to participants.

4/Relations :

- Admins may be involved in multiple projects.

- Projects may involve multiple admins

- Project may involve multiple sessions

- A session is part of only one project

- Participants may be involved in multiple projects, and multiple sessions within one project

- Only admins assign participants to projects/sessions/time slots within one session.

- Sessions involve multiple time slots; one given time slot is only part of one session

5/Features needed :

- Participants profiles may be created/edited by admins or participant themselves through a form

- Admins can assign participants to a projects; a session within one project; a time slot within one session

- Admins can print configurable session or project sheets (tables with pre-filled participants details + "comments" field for hand written comments)

- Integrated session location map using google maps

- Project/session monitoring panel (session date, time, location, participant list, confirmed participants)

- After a given session, a participant is either "out of the loop"

6/Mailing :

- A mail is sent when participant register

- A mail is sent when a participant is assigned to a session

- Participants must confirm participation by answering mail or clicking a link

- The day before session, a reminder is sent with session details (location, map, time slot, other info)

- Several pre formatted email answer


- this is mostly backend; only front end part is for participants to register.

- As I know a bit of Drupal, this doesn't necessarily have to be absolutely turnkey, meaning that, if the structure, and required Drupal modules are installed and properly configured, I may/should be able to add new fields, views, email templates, etc. myself, e.g. participant profile, once setup with a few fields, I can add more. What I need is the core installation/configuration of required Drupal modules. This should be fairly simple for an experienced Drupal developer, as everything can be based on existing Drupal modules (CCK, Views, etc.). If you think there is more to it, please explain. Thanks.

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