474328 GreaseMonkey install issue

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It's program to help people stop getting distracted and blocks sites (that YOU choose) at set times so that you can get your work done. It is recommended to help with productivity

I have a client who needs a quick fix for it. When editing it in Firefox, she accidentally uploaded the wrong file. Here are her exact words:

Email 1:

I need help with grease monkey, lol. I installed and went to add a site in the dialog box and accidently added a game to block from c drive. well, now I have no dialog. Tried uninstalling all the way down to firefox.

Are you able or could you recommend someone to remote and fix? I am easily distracted and would be glad to pay for help on this!

Thank you.

Email 2:

I am actually talking about firefox on my home computer. It no longer brings up dialog box when i click on manage user scripts to select greasemonkey script and enter data.

Is that something that you can help with?

Email 3:


NOTE: We had some correspondence in-between, so that's why there are 3 emails.

If this is something you can fix remotely, please let me know. I'm passing this message to a few people, so whoever wants to do this, please contact me ASAP and tell me your rate.

Thanks :-)

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