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Arduino: Record water meter reading, contol motorized valve, email .csv file by GSM modem.

OPERATION: Use pulses from a water meter to record the gallons per minute every 15 minutes for a duration of 240 minutes. IF the gallons per minute ever goes to '0' during the 240 time, THEN operate a motorized valve to close approximately 5 degrees every 20 seconds until water flow is detected by the water meter. Maximum number of "5 degree" steps is until the valve is 75% closed. After flow is detected continue to record gallons per minute every 15 minutes for the initial 240 minute duration.

REPORTING: After the 240 minutes has elapsed, a .csv file is to be sent by email (address hardcoded) using 4G cellular modem via a gateway and service provider based in the USA. Include all recorded data points [Date] [Time] [Elapsed Time] [GPM] (16 lines total). Message Subject: "GPM Test Complete: [modem's EIN]".

ALARMING: 1) IF water meter reads '0' gallons per minute for 90 seconds: a) local alarm (12 VDC beeper and 12VDC LED) to activate AND b) an email is to be sent to the hardcoded email address, Message Subject: "Zero GPM Alarm: [modem's EIN]".

OTHER INFORMATION: Device to be operated by rechargable 12V battery able to operate for 480 minutes.

DELIVERABLES: 2 complete working and ready to field test devices. Electronics and battery in an enclosure. Parts (water meter, valve, Arduino modules/shields) & source/machine code.

BUDGET: $350 for design/build and deliverables. $175 initial milestone. $175 final milestone upon delivery of devices. Shipping charges included. $100 bonus possible.


WATER METER: [login to view URL] (Size DIN 25 Plastic type body).

MOTORIZED VALVE: [login to view URL] (12 VDC).

MCU/MODEM: Arduino. As per your recommendation.

Beceriler: Elektrik Mühendisliği, Mekatronik, Arduino, Kod yazma, Cellular Modules

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