Full stack developer required to create back end, and front end software for 2 newly designed system.

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Full Stack Developer Needed for 2 Systems

We're looking for a full stack developer who can create back end and front end software for two newly designed systems. Here are our requirements:

Back End Development

- Preferred programming language: Python

Front End Development

- Preferred framework: React


- Not sure which type of database to use

Ideal Skills and Experience

- Experience with Python and React

- Knowledge of different types of databases, including SQL and NoSQL

- Ability to create efficient and scalable software

- Strong problem-solving and communication skills

If you have the required skills and experience, please apply for this project.

Full stack developer required to create back end, and front end software for 2 newly designed system. The systems are built to offer a range of alerts both back to base and to ios and Android platforms. The software needs to include full stack development including figma's. The systems have up to 6 alerts each and use a 24 hour monitoring service which needs to align with our systems. The systems use both satellite and 4g sim communications

Design the front-end.

Build the front-end.

Build the persistence layer (back-end database and data models)

Build the API (back-end application)

You will be required to work with my engineering department to ensure an easy flow or work and to meet all criteria.

** More details about the systems:

System 1, is a system that's placed in any remote locations around the world, the systems may or may not require meshing together. More time than not there may be up to 500 systems that require to communicate amongst themselves.

These systems will use a satellite network to communicate back to base. The types of communication alerts must be pressure sensors, image sensors, mechanical sensors, system performance monitoring sensors etc.

Approximately 6 sensors which require to be sent back to base, which will use a desktop, mobile, and other. The mainframe will require the following,

1. Ability to locate the systems and show the systems on the software (the system will have a gps tracking module) the software must be built to show each system on the mesh and being able to click on a specific system to activate certain actions.

2. Being able to activate certain parameters of the system from the desktop/app

3. The software is to allow alerts from the system showing which particular system has activated by a beacon over the system and allowing the user to click into that or any other system on the mesh and control its functions.

4. The system must also communicate with the base station if required. As some governments will require sole usage if the software whereas some may ask us to maintain them. In ehich case our base station will require access.

System 2.

Works of a GSM network, systems once purchased will require setup, the setup is activating the system to communicate with our 24 hour base station, also will require an Android and ios app for the user to send alerts to the user.

Once the system is installed in the location an instruction to configure the system to the base station and installation of an app will be required.

This system will have the following alerts.

1. Pressure sensor

2. Smoke sensor

3. Heat sensor

4. Flame sensor

Some systems must also be able to link together. For example if 1 user has purchased 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 systems and they are to be placed into 1 property the systems will be required to communicate amongst themselves. This will require a set of procedures to set up on installation to make it easy for the user.

Once any alerts are triggered the base station and user app must be informed immediately. The systems may from time to time, possibly every 30 minutes send an alert ensuring the systems parameters are functioning properly.

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