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496728 Simple Adobe AIR App To Manage Keywords & Ads for PPC


This is a very simple project for the right person.

I need an Adobe AIR application made that will do the following work automatically (I do this stuff with Excel and it takes less than 5 minutes, however I would like to save some time as I need to do it a lot) and creates two final csv files. One file is for keywords and the other one is for ads.


Step 1. Prompt user for a list of keywords...User enters a list of keywords

Step 2. Prompt user for a "Campaign Name"...User enters a campaign name

Step 3. Creates a new Column with the proper formatting of keywords... for instance if one keyword is "real estate secrets" then with proper formatting it will look like "Real Estate Secrets". Name this coloumn Ad Groups

So now we have three columns,

Column 1: Campaign Name: All the cells in this column are same... they contain the campaign name entered by the user

Column 2: Keyword: This contains the list of keywords entered by the user.

Column 3: Ad Group: Contains the proper form of the keyword entered by the user.

Step 4: Now sort this data according to length of Adgroup in decreasing order.

Step 5: Prompt user to "Please enter the headline for keywords longer than 24 characters" and accept their input only if what they type is 25 characters or less

Step 6: Create a new column: Headlines. This column will contain the following data... The Headline entered by the user if the adgroup length is more than 24 characters...


Headline will be CONCATENATE(Ad Group, '?') if adgroup length is 24 characters or less. For instance, if the adgroup is "Real Estate Secrets" then the headline would be "Real Estate Secrets?"

Step 7: Prompt user to "Please Enter Description Line 1" and "Please enter description line 2" and store the two values (reject if either is longer than 35 characters) in all the cells next two columns. All the cells in the column "Description Line 1" will have the input from the user for the same.

Step 8: Prompt user to "Please Enter Display URL" and "Please enter Destination URL" and store the two values (reject if Display URL is longer than 35 characters and destination URL is longer than 1000 characters) in all the cells next two columns.

Step 9: Create two csv files... the first one is called "<campaign name> keywords" where campaign name is the campaign name the user entered and it contains the following columns...

Campaign Ad Group Keyword

The second one is called "<campaign name> text ads" and it contains the following columns

Campaign Ad Group Headline Description line 1 Description Line 2 Display URL Destination URL

Step 10. Show a dialogue box asking the user to create anew campaign "Do you want to start a new campaign?" With two options yes and no. If they click on yes, take them back to step 1.


Please note that the user is involved only in Steps 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, and 10.

Everything else takes place behind the scenes.

I want this done quickly, and I have some more enhancements I would like to make to this very app as soon as this is created. Like more features and more functionality. Think of this as one module to an entire app, and there will be more modules as soon as this is done.

NOTE: This app must have a little bar at the top where I can broadcast my messages from time to time, and all the users must be able to see this message as long as it is there.

So if you are interested, please post below. If there are any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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