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Excel Spreadsheet/Workbook

We would like a Workbook made up of 4 sheets.

The workbook is to track stock trades/commisions paid and profit/loss on each trade made by an individual and is to run on MS Excel on a persons Desktop.

The spreadsheet must be made so that it can be scaled down to the smallest area possible so that it does not occupy a large area on the Users Desktop.

Each Page shall have two logos embedded into the top of the page.

Scaling however cannot obliterate these logo's on the individual sheets without obliterating some of the needed fields. The logos must be clickable and take the persons browser to those sites.

Their will be a requirement to have a field containing a drop down menu that allows your to pick the route for a specific trade. Also there will have to be "tick boxes" for determing if a situation was met or not.

So sheet 1 will have Logo's (provided by me)with a disclaimer that requires the user to click a button before moving to the next sheet.


An Account Selection (up to 10 accounts)

Then a form that lists Todays Date, #of shares bought, Price paid, route etc taken,

Then on the same page the samething but for selling these shares

Below that would be "open positions" that would show how many shares remained in the owners accounts. So if the owner had 5 accounts there would be 5 seperate sections on Sheet 1 showing the persons open positions. When he sells from that account then the open position should go to zero.

Sheet 3

Should have all the input cells that sheet 2 uses (I am not familiar with Excel, so the design is up to you, I am just describing functionality. It may be possible to do this on one sheet, I do not know)

Sheet 3 would have all the inputs that you see on this page:

[url removed, login to view]

When this data is changed then it affects the mathematical function of Sheet 1 and keeps the commissions up to date

Sheet 4 should be the raw data that can be printed out for income tax purposes. It should show total commissions in each category, then total profit or loss then Total Profit and/or loss after commissions.

Sheet 1,2,3 should look like a form and hide the normal cell background normally seen when looking at an Excel SS. Page 4 should show the raw data as it would be in a Spreadsheet.

3rd paragraph down we say "Their will be a requirement to have a field containing a drop down menu that allows your to pick the route for a specific trade."

These could be radio buttons or some other means of picking one route over the other.

Clarification- I am unsure as to what is being pereived as difficult here? Perhhaps someone could enlighten me. My assumption is this may take 2 hours for an expereinced Excell person. So if I am terribly wrong please PM me with your bid for this project if the perception is that I have underpriced this project. Read Below:

Share total cost to purchase is = Purchase Price x Number of shares + commsion fee + route fee = Total cost (in)
Fee cost(in) = commission fee + route fee(in)

Share total cost to sell is = Sale price x Number of shaes +commision fees + route fee = Total sale price (out)
Fee cost = fee cost(in) + fee cost (out) = total fee cost

Proit/loss = (Total Cost(in) - Total Cost (out)) - (fee cost in + fee cost out)

Open Positions

Total shares in - total shares sold = Open Position


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