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501980 To complete a social networking website


The site is meant to be a social networking website for football fans around the world.

Please find below the detailed explanation of the modifications, features

and additions to be done.

It looks very long but that's because i had to make it more elaborate.

1. I want a mobile phone version for the site. it should be available in mobile form and viewable in mobile phones like facebook.

2. I want a mini store where products could be sold by

users and site admin as well with an option for site admin to collect

fee from sellers who sell thru the site or advertise there.

3. change the favicon

4. change a link

5 . Please add Facebook and twitter log in options*.

6. Remove the flash player slide on the homepage and replace with something simple. i would prefer if i can get something similar to that on the homepage of [url removed, login to view]

7. Add a forum to the site. A decent, effective and unique one with basic features and same login will do. Dont want users logging in differently.

8. I want good spaces left for adverts like in facebook, mysapce and Hi5

9. I want a custom ads manager to help to manage the custom ads and google and other ads appropriately*.

10. . Blogs - please rectify the blogs page as it losses frame and alignment

when holding many blogs.

11. I want you to add a "like" and "dislike" option buttons for

comments, blog posts and status as seen in facebook and [url removed, login to view] comments and players match day rating section.

12. . *The description on the top of the browser whenever a user is in his/her profile should normally display the users name along with the site name and browser type just like it's found in other sites for example like in facebook and

For example when browsing with mozilla firefox,

In facebook it displays as follows User name - Mozilla Firefox

in Hi5 it displays as follows Hi5 - User name - Mozilla Firefox

but in my own it displays as follows

site name I site slogan - user name's profile - Mozilla Firefox

Thats not okay.

Pls rectify to show like in facebook because its very important for search engine optimization. it helps for when people make searches. Let it show as follows;

User name - site name- Mozilla Firefox. p

13. when a user is in his/her profile, it should only display the user's name only not the user's name profile. For example, a user whose name is test jean should display only test jean when in his/her profile page, not test jean's profile. pls rectify.

14. I want the addition of latest feeds from forum running along with others(latest activities like comments, profile update, picture change, picture upload and others) on the whats new section.

15. I would also prefer the addition of a facebook-style or another similar style wall-to-wall and news feeds features.

16. I want you to include bookmarking options for article, blogs, polls and status.

17. I want you to include an email importer along with the invite that can help users import various emails of thier friends and then send the invite, just like is found on other sites like Hi5, myspace, bebo and facebook.


18. I want the addition of a few registration question to the normal registration.

and i want some of the users answers or whatever the user chooses as answer to appear in his/her profile page.

19. I want users to be able to upload videos from various sources and not only from youtube.

20. I want users to be able upload links from other sites like seen in facebook?

21. I would also prefer the 3 additional languages for the site( french, spanish and chinese).

Pls any other useful thing you can add at this stage will be well appreciated.

I'll give a extra details or whatever information is needed and a list of some websites to look at to whoever gets the job as a better guide.

Note: if i get a good work, then i can continue to involve the job winner time after time for more upgrading jobs which will be continuously.

If you need any more info you can let me know.

I await quick responses as i want the work done immediately and quickly.

Best Regards


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