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Hello Scriptlancers,

Need a native Spanish speaker to translate.

Need you to translate below sentences to Spanish. Please do not use the computer to translate. I need a native Spanish speaker to translate.

Please bid $10 or less. Need this done right away.

Thank you.


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Would ____________ kiss on the first date?

Do you think ____________ would stand up for someone in need?

Do you think ____________ would date someone for money?

Do you think ____________ is an excellent liar?

Would ____________ ever wear lingerie?

Do you think ____________ is a good family person?

Would ____________ ever fantasy about becoming the opposite sex?

Do you think ____________ enjoys life to the fullest?

Would ____________ take off his or her clothes and walk down the street?

Would ____________ kiss someone of the same sex?

Would ____________ be able to ask someone out on first try?

Would ____________ deliberately watch someone while they were taking a shower secretly?

Would ____________ perform a striptease for someone special?

Would ____________ give someone a lap dance?

Would ____________ flash the room (for like 5 seconds)?

Would ____________ ever cheat on his or her boyfriend/girlfriend?

Would ____________ go a whole day without wearing underwear?

Do you think ____________ is a loving person?

Is ____________ a loyal partner?

Would ____________ say 'I love you' without meaning it?

Would ____________ have one-night stands?

Do you think ____________ would kiss under the stars?

Is ____________ a good kisser?

Do you think ____________ is courageous ?

Do you think ____________ is a good date?

Does ____________ want to get married?

Does ____________ want children?

Would ____________ ever go skinny dipping?

Would ____________ ever lie to his or her partner?

Would ____________ be shy to ask someone cute for a date?

Do you think ____________ would flash someone?

Has ____________ ever gone commando?

Would ____________ pretend just to impress a date?

Would ____________ sing while having a bath?

Would ____________ want a passionate affair while being married?

Would ____________ date someone 10 years younger?

Would ____________ sleep with a celebrity?

Would ____________ do anything to get into someone's pants?

Do you think ____________ is a good lover?

Do you think ____________ is marriage material?

Do you think ____________ can pick someone up at a bar easily?

Do you think ____________ can pretend to be the opposite sex?

Do you think ____________ is a nice person?

Do you think ____________ needs to lose some weight?

Do you think ____________ likes to drink?

Would ____________ give phone number to an attractive person?

Do you think ____________ has good taste?

Would you go on a date with ____________?

Do you think ____________ has a nice body?

Do you think ____________ is superficial?

Do you think ____________ is funny?

Do you think ____________ has nice smile?

Do you think ____________ is cute?

Do you think ____________ parties too much?

Do you think ____________ is fashionable?

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