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506645 Unreal UDK INGAME Shopkeeper & Cart Tutorial + Video


I need an ingame Shopkeeper + shopping/Cart module developed with UDK (Unreal Development Kit).

This module should be complete and fully functional, and accompanied with clear instructions on a VIDEO tutorial (highlighting where all the files go, which .ini's need to be tweaked, which files to import, and the complete UDK setup for the classes and reference links to ingame objects, etc.

The shopping & cart system requires:

* A local Products-file (non-web, non-online) database of products.

* The Products-file will be a TEXT based file with , (comma) delimiter. This file will be imported/exported and maintained using MS-EXCEL.

* The shopkeeper (any placeholder static mesh object, eg. a barrel) when DOUBLE-CLICKED should open a shopping menu.

* This menu should be able to handle somewhere between ~250 - 10,000 unique products.

* Each product will have a unique ID #, Name, Desc, Quantity in Cart, Price, UDK Content ID#, On_Sale(Y/N), Sale_Price(#), etc.

We will discuss the required fields as this module develops.

* The shopping cart must feel realistic & comparable to any other eCommerce/web shopping carts found online. (ie Add to Cart, View Cart, Adjust Quantities, Remove item, Checkout, global/individual discounts, taxes, etc)

There is NO credit card/SSL checkout needed - as this is completely OFFLINE and IN-GAME and has no actual sales. (ie mock ingame shopping cart)

* Upon checkout, a , comma delimited text file needs to be saved with items bought, item ID, and quantities, etc. This is for ingame invoices etc.


Since a lot of files/settings need to be tweaked in UDK, I require a complete screen-capture video guide (with voice instructions and explainations of what is what, and why it goes where) of you setting up the ACTUAL FINAL FILES you're going to send me. This will help get the cart up and running with less chance of bugs.


I need someone who is flexibile, full of ideas, clean with code, and precise with videos.

Many thanks.


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