FLV Media Player Development

I see 2 projects required which would work from existing OS coding out there.

APPLICATION #1: Standard Player


1) Ability to be "fed" or passed a URL of the image that is to be

played. Depending on outside borders (which would be part of the design

spec), there may also want to be some kind of skin dynamically loaded based

on the skin file passed

2) Needs the ability to quickly load, unload, and reload media files

w/o a page refresh. This needs to happen on the fly preferably from the

client side. (Worst case, if it needs to hit the server, we may need to

place into an iFrame

3) Should have the ability to play both videos, and songs (MP3,

Wav). If a song is played, should be smart enough to display a equalizer or

some other visual effect while the audio is playing

4) Must have the ability to function in 2 sizes. There will be a

"full screen" mode, which will be used for the home page, and Loop 10

Lounge. We also need a smaller version which might be 4x4 inches. This

version will be on the users profile page. Both size versions should have

the same functionality as described above in 1-3.

APPLICATION #2: Remote Flash Object

Overview - Technical Discussion:

We want a flash movie which has similar functionality to the above

player. We want it to play videos, and audio. The main difference here, is

that we want the application to get all of its information from a web

service (or HTTP Post).

The key concept here is as follows:

We need this flash movie to generate an object tag. This tag should

be able to be generated from the Loop 10 page, cut/paste and placed into a

3rd party web site (like myspace). Part of the code generated will contain

an argument which contains that users unique ID. When the flash player

starts up, it will make a HTTP Post to a Loop 10 site, passing the users ID

as a parameter. The page will respond with the information the player needs

to play, such as the location of the song to play, and / or textual

information to display.

This remote object should have 2 modes. Audio, and Video mode. (which can be

expanded and collapsed). It should also have a links back to the Loop 10

home page, and directly to the users profile. All of these links can be

provided in the HTTP post return, so all the player really needs to do is be

able to send the ID, and properly handle the returned request.

Beceriler: Adobe Flash

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