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Migration and Enhancement from Laravel 5 to Flutter - 09/12/2023 06:05 EST

€750-1500 EUR

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€750-1500 EUR

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Project Summary: Migration and Enhancement from Laravel 5 to Flutter In this transformative project, we seek the expertise of an experienced Flutter developer to lead the migration and enhancement of our existing Laravel 5 project to the Flutter platform. Our goal is to evolve our application into a versatile, cross-platform solution that seamlessly operates on iOS, Android, and Web. Background: Our current project, developed in Laravel 5, has served us well, but the demand for a cross-platform solution has prompted us to explore the capabilities of Flutter. Flutter, known for its ability to create natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase, aligns perfectly with our vision for a more accessible and scalable application. Key Tasks: 1. Backend Integration: - The Flutter developer will integrate our existing Laravel 5 API into the Flutter application, ensuring a smooth transition of backend functionalities. - Data consistency between the Laravel 5 backend and the Flutter app will be a priority to maintain the integrity of our application's logic. 2. Frontend Development: - A crucial aspect of this migration is the translation of our current user interface, designed in Laravel 5, into Flutter widgets. This includes the thoughtful implementation of navigation and UI structure to deliver a seamless user experience. 3. Database Integration: - Smooth database communication between the Flutter app and the existing Laravel 5 database structure is imperative. - The Flutter developer will migrate and adapt the current Laravel 5 database structure to align with the requirements of the Flutter application, ensuring data integrity. 4. Authentication and Authorization: - Robust authentication and authorization mechanisms will be integrated to fortify the security of the application. 5. State Management: - The Flutter developer will choose and implement an appropriate state management approach to optimize the performance and responsiveness of the application. 6. Testing: - Rigorous testing will be conducted to guarantee that all features of the application function flawlessly, free from errors or inconsistencies. 7. Documentation: - The developer will update the developer documentation comprehensively to ease future developments and maintenance. 8. Create DockerFile: - A DockerFile will be created for the Flutter application, streamlining deployment and enabling convenient testing within a Docker environment. Constraints: - The project code is under strict source control in a Bitbucket Git repository. - All changes, updates, and future development will be meticulously tracked within the same Bitbucket Git repository. Timeline and Budget: The project is expected to be completed by 31.01.2024, with regular updates and progress reports. The budget is allocated across milestones, each associated with specific deliverables, ensuring transparency and accountability. Conclusion: This migration from Laravel 5 to Flutter is a strategic move to modernize our application, making it accessible across various platforms. The selected developer will not only contribute to the successful migration but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our application. We look forward to collaborating with a skilled and experienced professional who shares our enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology and seamless user experiences.
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Good day, I totally understand the demand of Mobile Apps and Flutter or ReactNative both are good cross platform, so here are few questions before giving you our firm bid, as our current bid is just a placeholder: - Can you please share link of your Laravel Application? - Would you like to keep the App design similar to your Laravel Website? - So you want WebServices (API) or you will provide us? ———- I think for now above questions are enough but once you respond me thru’ chat, we can then discuss further in depth. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Yasir
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Hello, my name is Onkar and I am part of the team from MAK Online Solutions Private Limited. We specialize in helping businesses with their IT needs by providing top quality services at an affordable rate. We understand the importance of this project to you, and are prepared to help you make your vision a reality. We have worked on many projects together in the past, including migration and enhancement from Laravel 5 to Flutter, so we know exactly what it takes to successfully complete this project. Our team is comprised of experts in Flutter development as well as other areas such as mobile app development and website testing. If you choose us for this job, we guarantee that you will receive top quality services at an affordable rate while maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the process. We also provide regular updates on progress so you can rest assured that your investment is being handled carefully.
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Hi there! My name is Muhammad and I am a results-oriented professional web developer with extensive experience in all stages of web design, development and maintenance. I specialize in web design, graphic design, CMS PHP HTML CSS MySql Responsive Speed Optimizations customizations (front & back end) integration. I understand that you are looking for an experienced Flutter developer to lead the migration and enhancement of your existing Laravel 5 project to the Flutter platform. With over 10 years of experience in mobile app development, web development and software development overall I am confident that I am the right person for this job. I have been working with Flutter before and have seen its tremendous potential in making cross-platform applications. My background in migration and enhancement from other frameworks such as Angular & React helps me understand how to make the most out of this project as well.
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