GIS Project - * use of Arcmap essential

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You have been engaged by a development company to assist in the design and planning process for a large housing development of 240 houses. You can choose any type of development and select your own location. Location is 326,512 206,091 Irish Grid.

Select an area of approximately 4 square kilometres (2 km x 2 km). The area can be anywhere within the region illustrated on the accompanying DTM coverage map. Typically choose an area that has a mix of features to give interest to the maps and has developable land with an area of approximately 10 hectares.

For the design process and later for planning permission purposes it is necessary to create a series of maps to

• Show the location of the proposed development in relation to the existing landscape

• Digitise the main land cover elements

(note - within the scope of the project there is no need to include fine detail information)

• Create a buffer of 1000 m around the development site and asses its impact against a series of important criteria, as detailed below.

o Check and map the occurrence of the following factors where relevant

 Areas likely to flood, Flood zones

 Nature reserves (NHA’s, SAC’s, SPA’s.)

 Planning zones

 Water and aquifer vulnerability

 Soils

 Archaeological monuments

 Any other relevant factor

Select a larger area (say, 4km x 4km) centred on the site and –

• Create a digital terrain model of the area and produce contours at an appropriate contour interval and a 3D perspective view of the terrain. (OSi elevation spot heights will be available)

• Generate maps to show the general population, population between 20 and 50 years of age, unemployment levels and number of people with a third level education or higher at CSO Small Area level of detail (data available from CSO website).

More data will be provided upon request.

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