Kings of the world - a book about Elon Musk and co.

Hello there

I'm an insurance agent and being part of the financial industry gets me in touch with all kinds of interesting topics regarding our worlds finance and wealth balance.

Obviously there is a very bad distribution of wealth due to free marketplace economy. Even when given this truth, the free market remains our actual best option for a violence free surrounding that allows us to gain responsibility and being creative by willingly taking on authoritarian risks, earning more money by employing others, and investing the winnings.

These financially disproportionate yet just facts, combined with historical background regarding our hierarchical system based on power, which is now based on financial power in the free world, show that our 1%, espacially the "1% of the 1%", rule this globalized world.

I have seen that most of the books written about Elon Musk are glorifying him instead of questioning his might. I think this book should mostly be about him, but also about a few others like for example Jeff Bezos that gets to make a short trip to space. I want examples like the one of Elon Musk and DogeCoin - the amount of impact that he and the others have on everything they would like to manipulate. Keeping an eye on big data and the leading companies (commodaties trading, pharma and so on) leading us and using governments with hidden contracts for their benefit (in the market - here also both ways, that the governmant gets the taxes) aswell as to manipulate us (lobbyism in politics, regulating media and so on). The manipulations let us stay in this carousel of dependency on work, hopefully remaining as not too influencial consumers. On the contrary this is important to ensure our meaning in life and to fit in in this society (which was created by the government for stability of the masses).

The 1% should be also portrayed als geniuses, but with an evil touch, mostly regarding their immense and never before reached power over the world. We still need geniuses to stay as productive as possible and to evolve as fast as possible as humanity, such as to achieve things that are desired for example by Elon Musk, to potentially find a new home for humanity, or things like to live a healthier life by improving our health care and so on. All sounding so perfectly, but is it right to have people starving while others earn as much that they cannot even spend it all? Where to draw the line while being dependant of these geniuses? Here also remains the clinge between visionary innovation vs. decadent wealth with ongoing poverty, pollution, corruption. It would be interesting to write about possible improvements regarding this new higher organization of the 1% (maybe considering maximum wages or other adaptations), reminding us of the monarchies there were before. I would recommend to get some kind of happy end with motivional / inspiring words, something like: that this can anyways in our actual working society be changed, by the ones who are willing to climb the ladder of power and to turn things into better, whilst staying moderate, helping the ones in need, and striving for our evolution. The ending philosophy shall be the thing you can be most creative on and maybe also leave the reader with a few question marks to himself.

This book will be written anonymously by you, the freelance author. I am looking for a creative author that is interested in geopolitics, finances and comparable disciplines, maybe just a freak in researches.

Looking forward to feedbacks!

Best regards


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