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516393 I need a Daily deal site designed similar to [url removed, login to view]

I need a Daily deal site designed similar to

With the following front end and back end functions:

Multiple City Deals

User End: The user can shift between cities or locations while choosing the deal. Each city has multiple deals listed under it. As such the user can view and choose the city and deal of their choice.

Admin Side: Admin has the ability to define multiple cities/platforms, so the user can switch between the cities. The admin also gives the provision for choosing the city based time zone difference. This is beneficial for such places as USA where multiple time zones prevail in different cities.

Daily Deal Notification

User End: Our solution enables the subscribers of the system to receive e-mail notifications about new deals happening in their subscribed cities or merchants.

Admin Side: The admin has the provision to set or schedule Daily Deal Notifications. The system schedules and automatically sends e-mail alert through Crontask or third party mailing software.

Daily Deal Management

User End: The Daily Deal solution is highly user-friendly as users can see Deals happening in their chosen city. Once they purchase the deal, they will be sent their Coupon or Deal Certificate via email. It's also available in their account area for printing.

Admin Side: Daily Deal application from Oorjit has a competent admin panel. It has the option to choose Deal Title, Deal Image, Highlight and Fine Print, Deal Type, Cities/Locations, business and locations where they are offering deals, Deal Active Time (Start, End and Expiry Date), Additional Deal Images, Deal options with additional price and available quantity.

Business/Merchant: Business/Merchants can view the list of ongoing and past deals along with the Total Deals that have been purchased. They can also list deal certificates purchased by the customers.

Business/Company Details

User End: The user can view the details of selected business from which they are buying the deal.

Admin Side: The admin has the provision to add the details of business or company of which the deal is published.

Google Map

User End: The locations of the Merchant/Business offering the deals can be seen through Google Map.

Admin Side: The admin has the provision to highlight locations of the Business/Merchants using Google Map.

Side Deals & Nearby Deals

User End: The User can view the other deals which are on, in the same city or location along with the featured deal. These deals are the Side Deals & the Nearby Deals.

Admin Side: The admin side has the ability to add a 'Side Deal'. It also has the provision to create new deal type widgets and position them dynamically in the front end. This will help admin to list the side deals based on various categories on the deal website.

Recent Deals

User End: Through Recent deals, users can check the recent past deals of the subscribed city on the website.

Admin Side: The admin has the provision for displaying the past Completed and Canceled deals.

Share Deals on Networking Site

User End: The users can share the information of each deal to their friends via Facebook & Twitter.

Admin Side: Admin can add Social Media components such as Facebook Share, Facebook Like and Latest Tweet Widget by enabling the API Code and Script.

User Login & Registration

User End: The users can login to the site by registering to it or through Facebook Connect. Logged in users can change their Profile by making edits to Gender, Avatar Image , Data of Birth, Subscribed cities etc.

Admin Side: Admin can view the registered user details with their available balance and other details.

Order Listing

User end: Through Order Listing feature, the users can know the total number of orders placed by them for Deals and Gift Coupons. The orders are listed with fields like Billing details, Account Credit or Promo Discount, if any, Tax, Order Subtotal etc.

Admin: The order listing feature gives the Admin ability to list and view the Order of Deals and Gift Coupons. Through this, Admin can also filter the orders based on different criteria.

Donate to Charity

User End: Donate to Charity is a great feature that allows the Users to donate to one of the charity listed by Admin.

Admin Side: The admin will be able to manage charities. Admin can also set a fixed % or fixed amount to charity on each deal purchase.

Content Management System

Fully dynamic CMS is needed. Through the dynamic CMS, the administrator can create and update the website content. There is also provision to apply different design styles to the content pages.

Database Backup

The admin has the provision to take a backup of database including structure and data.

Dynamic Currency Support

The system supports dynamic currencies wherein the admin has the authority to set the Currency that is to be used. The system converts the currencies based on the exchange rate with the help of Third party API of WebserviceX. This enables the system to automatically calculate the exchange rate while setting a new currency.

Payment Method

User End: The deal website system is totally secure with SSL wherein the users can purchase deals using credit card.

Admin Side: The system supports popular payment gateways PayPal Pro, PayPal Express Checkout There is provision for the admin to update the PayPal and [url removed, login to view] settings like the API credentials, supporting currencies, supporting card types etc. The system also supports Authorization & Capture (Auth/Capture) transactions.

Secure Shopping

User End: Users can check-out from the website safely. The system is SSL enabled that helps to process secure transactions and stores all the payment and login details in an encrypted format.

Admin Side: The admin has provision to enable SSL. There is also provision to make admin login interface also secured using SSL.


The system gives report on many parameters. The admin can get reports on Sales, Deals, Users, Business, Charity, Cities and Taxes. These reports can be exported in CSV format.

Sales Report: Sales report gives you a report on number of orders received, quantities ordered, discounts given, taxes charged etc. on a specific date.

Deal Report: Deal report gives information on the deal type, number of deal orders received, discounts given, taxes charged etc. in a time period.

User Report: User report lists the name, e-mail IDs, phone numbers and other details of the users buying deals from the system during a specific time period. It also enlists the number of orders placed, quantity ordered, taxes charged etc. on the deals purchased by these users.

Business Report: It lists the name of the businesses of which the deals were published in a specific time period. It includes Business Name, Completed name, number of orders placed, quantities ordered, taxes charged etc.

Charity Report: The charity report lists the charities to which the money is donated during a specific time period.

Cities Report: The cities report lists the name of cities and the deals ordered in those cities during a time period.

Tax Report: Tax report gives the business names and the taxes charged on the deals ordered of that business.

Referral System

User End: The system allows the user to refer deals to friends through Refer-a-Deal feature of the site. The users are given unique referral URL in their account area. The deals are referred to friends by forwarding the unique referral URL through e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. If any of the user's reference buys the deal through this referral URL, the user stands to gain Referral Bonus for the first purchase by the reference. User can redeem the Referral Bonus in their next purchase.

Admin Side: Administrator has the provision to enable or disable the referral system. It also has the ability to set the Referral Bonus and Referral Expiry period.

Gift Coupons

User End: The system provides the user with the facility of buying Gift Coupons. The users can buy as well as send Gift Coupons to their friends. Users can redeem the coupons when they purchase a deal or credit the amount to their account and use it for future purchases.

Admin Side: The system allows the administrator to keep a track of every Gift Coupon purchased and redeemed.

User End: Promo code discounts are issued by the system for the benefit of users. The users can redeem the promo codes when they purchase the Deals.

Admin Side: The administrator can create Promo Codes through the admin system with preset features like discount amount or percentage, active dates, minimum order amount required, deals to which It can be applied and exempted. There is also provision to export all Promo Codes in CSV format.

Give as Gift

Through the deal system, one can buy and send the deals as a gift to friends and family. The deals can be purchased for gifting and sent through email. The deal certificate can also be downloaded from the member account area.

Run a Deal

User End: The businesses & merchants can request their interest to run a deal to the system. This can be done by giving information of their business such as address, type of business, contact person details, comments etc.

Admin Side: Admin has the ability to view the business requests in order to verify and approve them. Once the business request is approved by the admin, the system automatically sends an Email to Business with their Login credentials.

RSS feed

The system provides RSS feed on the current deals. User can subscribe the RSS Feed of their preferred cities.

SEO friendly

The system is highly SEO friendly with the provision for the administrator to provide Meta Title and Meta Description details for every page and deal.

Deal Discussions

User End: The system allows the user to post reviews on the deals.

Admin Side: The admin can view the user reviews to approve or delete the same. Only approved reviews will be display in the front-end.

Locating City based on User IP

This feature will allow the system to locate the user city based on his IP. The system will automatically display the deals present in the city, if there are deals available in the city or simply display a message that no deals are available and give you an option to choose another city.

Multiple Administrators

The system has option to create admin users with different roles and privileges. The roles are created by the Super Admin, which specifies the module access (Add/Edit/View) of the created Roles.

At the time of creating or updating Admin Users, the Super Admin can specify the Role of that particular Admin User.

Deal Certificate/Coupon

User End: Once the deal is completed, system will send the deal certificate to users email address. User can also download the deal certificate from their account area.

Admin Side: The Deal certificates are the unique codes assigned by the system to each Customer who purchases the deal. The admin has provisions to view and export the Deal Certificates. It also has the provision to change the status of the deal certificates to 'used' or 'unused'.

Business/Merchant: Business/Merchants have provisions to view and export the Deal Certificates. It also has the provision to change the status of the deal certificates to 'used' or 'unused'.


User End: The users can subscribe deal notification to a single or multiple cities. This enables them to receive Daily Deal Notifications in the subscribed cities.

Admin Side: Administrators has the provision to view, import and export the Subscriber's data. The system can also collect phone numbers when user subscribes the deal notification.

Site Settings

Administrator has the option to set the following categories in the system:

Site Setting: This feature sets the name of the site, HTTP URLs,

Site Setting: Through this segment, the admin can set site URLs, Global site URL and secured site URL, Notification Email address (for receiving the information about any user registration, deal purchase etc), Contact Email (for getting the details of anyone sending enquiry through contact us or suggest a business), default system currency, default system time zone and format, Admin color themes, enable secure check-outs etc.

Company Information: This tab stores the name, address, logo and mailing details of the company that owns this deal system.

Deal & Cart Settings: This allows the admin to set different settings like enable IP based city tracking, enable deal review, promo code discount, subscription page on first time access, tax applicable in the system , the thumb and preview image sizes of deals and deal certificate code size and type,etc.

Security Settings: The security setting is for PCI compliance and total system security. It allows admin to set User and Admin timeout, Account blocking when try with invalid login details, IP address restrictions, enables captcha, enable storing users credit card info to DB etc.

Mail Settings: It controls the sending of mails through the system . Admin can set their SMTP settings like SMTP Host, SMTP User name, password, enable SSL or TLS Security and SMTP Port etc.

Referral Settings: This feature gives option to enable and disable Referral system. Through this, the admin can set the referral amount and referral expiry time.

Charity Settings: It enables the Donate-to-Charity option and adds a value to the charity. The charity will be given only when the user purchases the deal while the charity option is enabled.

SEO Settings: The admin can enable onsite SEO through the SEO Settings by adding details like Meta Tags, Meta Keywords and Meta Description. Admin can also set the Google Analytics tracking ID through this setting.

Social Media Settings: This allows admin to enable Facebook and Twitter support. Through Facebook settings, admin can enable Facebook connect login, API Credentials, Like widget Script, Facebook profile ID etc. Through Twitter settings, Admin can set twitter profile ID and Latest Tweet Widget code etc.

Besides the aforementioned settings, the admin panel also has Localization setting option. This includes countries, states, currencies, languages, geo zones, taxes etc. that are supported by the system.


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