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512539 KidProof app for iphone/android/ipad

Develop an app that gives parents flexibility to configure their phones so they can let their kids use their phone without changing settings or incurring expenses. As a parent, this would allow them to disable many of the settings and apps and prevent them from doing things like calling people, emailing and deleting apps. A parent currently has to worry about their child changing settings and messing up their phone when they allow their kids to use their phone for some of the kid oriented apps.

I am asking for apps for both iphone, ipad and android. An NDA is required upon reward of the project. Also, please show examples of apps developed that are somewhat similar if possible. Please summarize this project in a sentence or two when bidding so I can tell you understand the scope of the project.

When the app is activated, they will see a large button that says “Kid Proof” which will activate the app. In addition, there is a “Quit” button to quit the app and a “Settings” button to configure the app. There is also a small “Timer” icon that shows whether a timer is on or off and the amount of time remaining. If the user touches the timer icon, they can enter the passcode and access the Timer settings. Finally, there is a rotation dial showing the “Profile” and the settings that apply to the saved profile are what is activated. When the app is used again, it should return to the last profile selected.

If the app is currently running, then it requires a user passcode to turn off. This passcode is configured in the settings portion of the app.


Passcode: An area that the parent can set up a passcode using their number keypad. Any number of digits can be used for quick access. For instance, a parent could set up “168” as the passcode. The passcode is used to “quit” the app when it is running. If the app is running and the user pushes the “Quit” button, they will be presented with the passcode entry screen where they have to enter the correct passcode. Once entered, the app closes and normal functionality is returned to the phone. The same applies to the settings button. When someone presses the “Settings” button, they will be presented with the passcode entry screen if the app is running.

Note: The passcode should never reset regardless of the number of failed attempts. Current iphone passcode resets after 10 tries. In case the parent forgets the passcode, I would like them to be able to delete the app from itunes. They should not have to restore their phone to accomplish this. I'm open to other solutions for forgotten passcodes. Since this is simply an app to allow parents to let their kids use their phone, I am not concerned about security. So I don't want to lock down the phone too much.

Hide Apps: section allows users to scroll through every app (including settings and core apps) and toggle to be “visible” or “hide”. In addition to all apps, there are several sub settings that can be enabled/disabled regardless if the main “Settings” is hidden. These include:

- Wifi

- Notifications

- Location Services

So to give an example…

The parent would see a long list of every app on their phone such as:

- KidProof App (can not be hidden but requires passcode to turn off as mentioned above)

- Calendar: visible / hide

- Photos: visible / hide

- Camera: visible / hide

- Maps: visible / hide

- Clock: visible / hide

- Contacts: visible / hide

- Youtube: visible / hide

- Notes: visible / hide

- Messages: visible / hide

- Custom App1: visible / hide

- iPod: visible / hide

- Safari: visible / hide

- Mail: visible / hide

- Phone: visible / hide

It would be great if there was a button to “hide all” and “show all” By default, they should all be toggled to “hide”

So for instance, a parent may want to disable the “General” (Apple core Settings app) which has Notifications turned on. But separately, for this kidproof app, they may want to disable notifications. Same for settings like wifi. Their main settings may allow for wifi but if the parent disables that app, they can still enable/disable wifi separately.

NOTE: The ability to delete apps and move them should be disabled. No need to allow parents the option of enabling/disabling that feature as it can always be disabled.

Timer: This allows a parent to set the amount of time they would like to allow the child use of the phone. Once the countdown timer is complete, the main app screen for KidProof opens and in essence locks the phone until the passcode is entered. So for instance, a parent could select 1 hour. When they click OK, they go to the main KidProof screen where they can then click on the big “KidProof” button to enter kidproof mode and start the timer.

Profile: This will allow the user to save all the settings into a profile. That way, a parent may have a more restrictive setting for a toddler and a more relaxed setting for an older child.

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