Development of the upgraded version of my websites

I need a responsive website with PayPal integration. Also please read the very end of this text for my CMS requirements.

The website that I need developed is based on one of the Mayan calendar called Tzolkin. This calendar has a different counting system than ours. So, I advice you to first try to accept this fact, and understand how it works. It is based upon a 260 days cycle, which is created by combinations of a 20 days cycle and a 13 days cycle.

In the 20 days cycle there are 20 signs and the person who was born on one of these days, gets this sign as his daysign. Samewise for 13 Tones, they are simply numbers from 1 to 13. The person born on of these, gets this number as his/her “Galactic Tone”. 20 multiplied by 13 makes 260 different combinations.

To see some examples, please send me a message with your name email address and date of birth, and I will give you a report for free at my site [url removed, login to view] Please also read the What is Mayan Astrology page, in your report.

or you can simply play with the free version.

or, check [url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view] is a good example for visual design.

Basis for Personal Reports

Now, let us continue with how the personal reading (astrology reports) are created. The core sign (in the center) has 3 components: day sign (the person who was born into one of 20) Galactic Tone (the person who was born into one of 13), and the Trecana sign, (the 13 day week the person was born into) you will need a different algorithm for the Trecana sign.

For each day sign (out of 20) there will be one combination of a Tree of Life, with 4 directions (so 20 combinations in total). Which has male and female signs on the right and the left, and past and future signs on the top and bottom. There could be only 20 combinations, so don’t worry it is not so complicated. While the automated report is generated for each of these signs on the 4 directions, the relevant text (of that sign) should come from the text index.

There will be a more complicated tree of life with 8 directions. With 4 more signs on the corners, like combinations of male/female and past/future signs. 2 of these new signs will be the same out of 4 sign in the main directions. But still, there are only 20 possible pictures here, not so complicated to build.

Additionally there are 9 Night Lords for each day, a 9 day cycle, as can be seen in [url removed, login to view]

Night Lords should require a 3rd algorithm.

Daily Follow Ups

Since this whole system is a moving system, based on time, so our website, and it will give relevant information to users, based on special days. If today is one of the day of a sign on your Tree of Life (any of them) you will get a special message explaining what this day means to you. So the initial algorithms will be used for informing the user on an ongoing basis, and according to users subscription. It is one simple system that has 8 to 10 days in a month per person. When the subscription period is over, messages stop going (or appearing).

Samewise there is a daily message service, which has something to say about each of the 260 days of this calendar. This is not personal, but global. Same message for everyone.


I want a CMS that will help me to enter contents easily. Also this CMS, as well as the whole site, should give me easy access to multiple language sites easily. As you are aware, I have two sites at the moment, TUR and ENG, in not far future I want version in other languages. Spanish, Czech, Russian, Japanese, etc…

For more in depth study of these calculations and information design aspects, contact me directly. I will send you an expanded text of the requirements of the website which will help you see the full scope of the work.

Please make sure you understand the job throughly and you can deliver it within the budget you propose. My budget has flexibility. I need to be convinced on why and how it would take more funds to realise my dream.

A correction needed. I need a new website from scratch.
Also please check the attachment before finalising your bid.

Thanks :)

- New website to be created from scratch
- Only 2 languages at the moment: Turkish and English. The other languages are not translated yet. But I want my site to be flexibly developed, so I can easily add languages in the future
- Please read the attachment before finalising your bid.

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