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Dear GAF providers,

I was slightly overwhelmed by the number of finished logos sent to me and it actually left me in a slight predicament because I like elements of more than one. I thought of taking a bit of each one that I liked and paying that provider a portion of their bid but I hope that this plan I present here is better but still fair.

I have attached an image showing three logos that I like elements of. I hope that it is OK to each provider but I want to state here which parts of each I like for each to provide a finished sample. Then I will pay the provider his full price for the logo that I prefer. By submitting your revised logo it is hereby stated that you agree to this process and will not complain or seek compensation if yours does not win and part of your original design is used in the finished product. I look forward to seeing your final efforts.


1. I like the diamond shape outlining the 'f' but I do not like the 'f' itself. Also the light blue colors in the sample to the right look very good.

2. I really like the text in this and the diamond is an interesting addition however my partner objects because it is blue. A blue diamond can be unfavourable and so we are wondering if it could be white with blue outline - the blue could relate to the blue in '1' above.

3. The 'f' is really cool except the cross bar. This should be horizontal as with a normal font but I love the main line of the 'f'. The text is also good and I like the text underneith the main logo but the main logo should not have any tag line because we don't have one yet - experimentation is welcome though.

Once again, thank you for your efforts. I hope that the end to the race is acceptable to each of you. I look forward to seeing finished logos that reflect the thoughts above. I will add $10 to the winner's original bid as further gratitude for your efforts - please add this to your original amount when entering your bid for this final stage of the process.

Kind regards,


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