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Iphone 3D Game

Work Nature - IPhone Game (having 3D walk through Animation)

It is fairly a simple programming work, if you do a good job there is more to come. You are expertise is required only in the programming Objective c, every other resource would be provided.

Please reply to the questions posted below to consider your bid as a serious one.

Mission – Mission is to reach the finish point within the allotted time limit; Planting as many trees as possible along the way; collect trash points; save water along the way to increase meter power; last but not the least watch out for the polluters.

Next, on the levels: we will have 3 levels, New York, San Francisco, and Bejing. All working on the same principals and structure... Just with different city images.

Game rules:

1. the general objective is to clean up the planet while trying to reach a Designated finish unit in the roadway to “warp” to the next level.

2. Rules, I’ll break them

• Obstacles = are the polluters or vehicles and they will continually come down the road to make it harder for the player to reach other objects and goals

• Overcome obstacles = moving out of the way of being hit by the vehicles, left or right.

• What happens when an obstacle is not overcome = when a player is “hit” by the vehicle the player round ends and the game starts over at the beginning of that level. The player should not be hurt or destroyed in any way when hit by the vehicle – just a stop of play and a reset to the beginning of that level. Verbiage will be developed to help alert the player that they have failed and starting over at the beginning of the round.

• How many levels = there will be 3 — identified by cities, San Francisco, New York, and Beijing

• When does a level end = when a player reaches a Designated finish or time has run out — we will be setting the time limit, for now you can set it at 2:00 minutes

• How are points/scored calculated = players will get points a number of ways,

(1) planting trees – players will start each level with a number of tress (seen in the tree meter, say 20);

(2) picking up trash — debris that will appear in the roadway that players need to just walk near/over to pick up;

(3) picking up tools and taking them to a device to stop a pollution problem, where you can pick up the wrench and take it to the fire hydant to stop the water from running out;

(4) reaching a Designated finish — there will be a bonus when you complete a level. The plan is to have 3 opportunities to reach a Designated finish, if you connect with the first one you get a 100 point bonus, the 2nd gets a 50 point bonus, the 3rd a 25 point bonus

We will provide

1. The Character sketch – left leg movement; right leg movement for walking; head turned left and head right turned images.

2. The 3D animation of each level as .OBJ file


1. Working IPhone game

2. The software developed with the well written source code.

3. Any other asset developed solely for the project.

Questions - very important that you answer them

1. Have you successfully completed any 3D IPhone game?

2. The 3D .OBJ file is what we would give you, do you have the required wrapper class or opensource to convert to OpenGL (vertex information)?

3. What are the steps involved from start to end of this project?

4. Please give me the break-up in number of hours for each step or milestone.

5. Can you start work immediately in a day or two?

5. Are you available for long term?


Beceriler: iPhone, Objective C

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