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PROJECT: Clients Contacts Management Website

Platform to use:

mysql / JSP / JavaScript/ Java Bean / j2ee/ myeclipse

About us:

We are Canadian business-consulting firm.

We are currently looking for an IT web programmer to assist our office administrator to convert our existing contact management system.

We are business center with a few different professional businesses (accountant, lawyer, trading company, business merger consultant, real estate property management) working together in 1 center with 2 branches.

We have been using a Access 2000, and MS Word, custom made program (Please see attached image shots to get an idea of our existing application) to keep track of all the clients contacts, invoicing for all these in-house professional, this program have been working fine, but now we decide to migrate to web based processing site, so that these our professionals can access this contacts information from anywhere from our offices or at their home.

Project Objective

To develop a web base clients contact management system for our accountants, lawyer Trading Company, and Real estate manager, with the following functionalities:

Build a site for contacts managements, with these functionalities:

. Role based authentication.

. To keep tracks of all clients (name, address, telephone etc.)

. Can write letter,

. Can fax documents to contact,

. Can send / receive email documents to the contacts.

Please see attached image shots to get an idea of our existing application


PHASE IN: 4 Phases

Phase 1 & 2: 1,000.00

Phase 1

) Create a role based security system

) Handle all contacts (accounting, real estate, trade, IT)

) Handle accounting billing, make engagement letter, cover sheet for financial statements

) Create a good communication system - do email, computer fax receive / send / write letter / write memo based on the type of operation (accounting/ real estate /trade/It)

) Handle real estate activity tracking

Phase 2

) Have a form management system for: - Use file server, keep all forms in a single library at the office - 1) accounting, 2) real estate, 3) legal, 4) trade 5) IT

Phase 3 & 4 = 1,500.00

Phase 3:

) Handle trade activity

) Handle Legal work activity for the lawyers.

Phase 4:

) Trading Company automation

Bidder Qualification:

This is an on going maintenance contract once all the above 4 phases are finished. We are looking for a programmer to take care of our programming work for our business associates and the 2 offices on the on going basis.

. Person should have already worked on some contacts management web site before, is preferred. Rather than spinning the wheel. , We appreciate if you can submit any samples sites you work with before.

We will first provide you with some image of the custom Access program we are using.

Then we will send you a copy of the application and the demo data, so that you can run it to get an idea of what we are expecting.

We will provide you with all the Mysql Schema, so that you can just go ahead and code according to our schema

Bidder should keep in mind that this is an ongoing project, once we finish all 4 phases, we will be needing you to maintain this program, to implement any functionality upgrade from time to time and implement those pdf forms from the governments on the annual basis. We will want to have a bidder who is patient, and can be available to us all the time.

please review the attached image files of our existing application..

all bidder , please be aware , our company's budget for all 4 phases is maximium 2,500.00 usd, any offering more than 2,500.00 will be be entertained..

in case you want to enter a new offer., just send me a message for your new price... thanks.


quotation exceeded $2,500.00 for all 4 phases will not be entertained.... .. that is the max budget we are allow to spent at this point......
we understand the complicity of our operations ( many professional businesses in our center).. that's why there will be more phase in after this 4 phases.

we will also provide you with the qualified bider with our existing application and demo data once we select a few bidders... at this point please use the attached image to get some idea of the program we are intereseted. .... thanks ..Maria

should you be still interested in this project with our budget constrant.. please feel free to go back and revise your quotation ..thanks

we are open to server type selection from our bidder. .. thanks.

please go to "Clients Cotacts Management Website Renew" , project number 125605 , created on 02/14/2007 for further instruction of this project.,

this project will be replaced by the above project number 125605 , very soon.

please downsload the project details.doc

please download from :

some bidder may have already downloaded the complete files for the anaylsis.. but in case you misses any , you can download a 41 mb zip fiel from this location...

run our demo ., read the instruction from this zip file ...

Beceriler: J2EE, Java, Javascript, JSP

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