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please read the program function

the handy nokia 6230 and motorola a780 are the first handy for the program, what is with other handys, siemens sgx 75 it have also gps on board, or ericson, ...

can you give me later the hardwaredriver and softwareplugin for other handy, and how much is your price for a handy

or is it possible that the program can work with many handys, because they have the same os, symbian for nokia, and for the other ....

have you an idea?

Let me know the feedback

best regards

the program function


code in java,

an install wizzard for win , and linux

install on pc (server) all function,

the server create, configure the programs for the client(handy), masterclient (handy)

the server read and save ALL data from connected handys, it can write data to handy

create new folder, make it hidden, (explorer,filemanager) to see the hidden folder with a password.

the server can connect to many handys and save the data in a seperate folder, files, or in a database.

and show it on the screen, also for the gps data.

to connect , read, save, write, synchronising all data from different handys, need the program different hardwaredriver,

softwareplugin or so. to beginning with nokia 6230, motorola a780, it must possible

to connect later other handy with hard and software driver,plugin

connect to handy with bluetooth, gprs over masterclient that is connected over bluetooth with the server

programs for handy, configure by the server and send it to the handy with bluetooth, gprs, or hidden sms,

also from master to client, all handy can master or client.

program to send to handy, there are module that can stand alone, or together

the programs must run in a hidden mode without any sign on the screen. ( also without the sign for bluetooth or gprs connecting)

the program can also run in a normal mode, with configure of the handy.

the masterhandy can configure the module 1 - 5 and send it to the client handy

1. program to make possible a hidden connecting to the handy over bluetooth, or gprs, without any sign on the display,

send it over bluetooth, gprs, or a hidden sms. (as a seperate program, and or as modul with the other), it must aktivate

and deactivate the bluetooth modus. to aktivate and configure the bluetooth modus with a hidden sms, or and configure an interval, or

a defined [url removed, login to view] the bluetooth connection is empty the program deaktivate the bluetooth modus after a few min. (configure)

2. program to create a hidden folder, for the files from the other programs, and for the program itself, with a standard name

because it is for all programs

3. program to save all calls or from special nummber , sms, in and outgoing, in the hidden folder, seperate bye nummber,date,time,

10 nummbers, or more, save nummber of all calls and sms in a file, control wether the handy is in screen saver

or key locked mode, when on the phone started an application (gps-aplication, pdf reader,....) then it stopped the

hidden programs, when the memory is not enought for two applications.

4. program for gps handys , save positions in a file in the hidden folder, in a format that understand the server

and the master to show it on the display. the time to save the position is variable, configure on the server, befor it send it to

the handy, or with a hidden sms, or over bluetooth, gprs. aktivate and deactivate the program over a hidden sms with a code.

the time to save can by interval 5, 10, 15, 30,... minutes, configure. it must aktivate or deaktivate the gps antenne.

5. program to make the client handy in a babyfon, to heare and see over the micro and camera, over bluetooth, or gprs,

from the server, and or from the master handy,

when you have other questions write it to me, it is easier for me, because i am not a coder and dont know what for problems you have.

when you finished sent it, or a demo for 14 days with all function, because i can test it.

when it is ok i send the money and you send me the programm, and the code.

write me how much time you need and your price for the program (seperate for the component 1-5)


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