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Web development using ExtJS AJAX Framework

ExtJS AJAX experts are welcome to work on this project. You need to design the below screens using ExtJS Framework. Most of the functionalities are available in the web.

DATA GRID SCREEN (Refer Attached Document: Screen1)

Reference: [url removed, login to view]

Refer the above URL where you can find most of the functionalities. The following are the new functionalities we require.

1. PAGINATION: User can select the number of rows (25, 50, 100, 150, 200) to be displayed from the drop down list. The default value will be 25.

2. ADD RECORD – Add new record at the end.

a. In the new row, on clicking Name field a search popup should open with fields “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Job Title”, ”Department”. User should be able to search employee and select employee name. The selected employee name should appear inside the Name field.

b. Date field should have date picker

c. Price field is free input text.

3. Delete Selections – Prompt a message and delete checked records.

4. Validate – This should call a method at the back end where the records will be validated (Validation code will be written by us – Just leave a comment in the method). During Validation, a “Validating …” message should appear on the screen and the background screen should be inactive. Once the validation is complete the validated data should be reloaded in the grid.

5. On clicking Error icon the error message should be displayed in a popup – the background screen should be inactive.

6. The row background color should appear as light red for invalid records (Displayed as Red icon in Valid column)

7. Save button – should save the data in the existing XML at the backend

8. Save As – should write the present data to a new xml file given by the user.

9. Import XLS - Onclick of this button a XLS file upload screen will appear. User will upload the XLS file, it will be parsed (add a blank method, we will add the functionality) at the back end and a new data will be reloaded.

10. In Filters menu a “Go” button is required. On clicking this button, the records should be filtered.

11. Search and Replace – The Search and Replace should work on clicking appropriate (Search or Replace) button. In name field a combo list should appear for SEARCH and REPLACE (to ensure employee id’s are not interchanged), on clicking button Replace, all the records (in all the pages) should be changed. This functionality should be written at the backend, after replacement the grid should be refreshed.

PERMISSIONS (Refer Attached Document: Screen2)

1. The form should appear in all the three tabs (you can copy the above form).

2. The Save As button should save the settings in XML or JSON format at the back end. The newly created permission name should immediately appear in the next table (View permissions). Only the content inside the panel should be reloaded.

3. On clicking Edit icon next to permission name, the saved values should load from the back end (XML or JSON format), the title “Set permissions” should change to “Edit Permissions” and a Save button should appear next to Save As button.

4. Delete icon in the View Permissions should delete Permission name. A prompt message should appear before delete. The changes should be updated in XML/JSON format file. The table should be refreshed.

SEARCH (Refer Attached Document: Screen3)

1. There are three tab panels (Advanced Search, Search and Saved Searches).

2. Search tab will have basic fields First Name (Combo), Last Name (Combo), Job Title (Combo) and Sex (Radio). On clicking Search button the search results should appear in a new page.

3. Advance tab will have the above fields. The user should be allowed to dynamically add or delete field in the search screen.

4. "Add Another Search Field" will have fields like Hire Date, Department Name, Location, Base Salary, Payment Currency, etc. (Should have the ability to include more fields)

5. "Save As" button should save the existing fields information with user selected values in XML or JSON format in the back end. This should appear in Saved Searches Tab as a hyperlink.

6. In Saved Searches tab the list of saved searches will appear. Clicking on the link should load the “saved search” in the Advanced Search tab.

7. Clicking on SEARCH button should display the results in a new page.


ExtJS 2.0 AJAX Framework


XML / JSON – JSON format preferred

Browser Compatibility: IE6.0, 7.0, Firefox 1.5 and 2

We need the Output in “.war” format

Lots of comments need to be added. Looking forward to work with you.

Payment Option: Please describe.

Beceriler: J2EE, Javascript, XML

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