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Fast Turnaround: JSP Programmers

Please only contact if you actually have experience with JSP. We already own and run this software we are not looking to have it done from scratch or in another language. Read the info before responding. Also a plus if you have a clue about the software we provide and experience. Too many people contacting us that have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Here are a few small items we are looking to add to our software next.

We provide Ad management, ad network, banner exchange and affiliate software. Each can be used on Linux, Unix, Windows and most databases which you must be familiar with for installations. Get back to us on these items as quickly as you can. We also will need client installations done as well so we will need installation prices. We can provide you with the software to install on your server and then do some client installations.

1-automate the sign up process. Publishers can sign up automatically to sell ad space. Should be able to sell by CPM, CPA, CPC (Impressions, Clicks, Time Frame: Day, Month, Etc)

Advertisers can see ad space for sale and automatically sign up and make automated payments. Ads go live. All payments and status should show in the main administrators area in the ad network (Should show all information including what publisher was paid, what advertiser paid, what campaign, when Ad network admin pays Publisher, eetc). Ad network payments usually are paid by the advertiser to the ad network (admin) then they pay the publisher. We are looking for the selling part to be selling like this but even better. View their online demo: [url removed, login to view] Possibly having the site name, url, description, etc... The admin should be able to set up any payment service they want automatically through plugins you add in (paypal, [url removed, login to view], 2checkout, WorldPay their own merchant account, etc)

2- Add geo targeting from Maxmind to target ads to cities, states and more. Need to incorporate the Maxmind database [url removed, login to view] for those items (targeting) of ads in all of our software applications. Must work. Test them along with the targeting which we already have; browsers, operating systems, countries, days, hours, time, etc. The information should be included in scrollable screen so the user can just highlight what they want targeted to just like they have on Adsapient. (Use Exact screen they have)

With the targeting it should have all content targeting (like movies, education) etc.

The targeting screens should look exactly like this providers below. All of the information should be

shown just like theirs is (on the left) then you click so it adds to the right box which would target to.

If something needs to be added to the left they should be able to add an item.

AdSapient Banner Manager - [url removed, login to view]


Login to this demo and go to targeting templates on the left side panel under

advertising management. Click that. You will see all of the targeting options once you click on add. So, all of the new targeting features that Maxmind database provides along with the ones it does not provide and we already have should all be laid out in the Exact same manner as this sites targeting feature screen for ease of use.

The client would be responsible for purchasing the database from Maxmind and plugging it in to our system. Must include in the installation directions so they are within the software and online so people can understand how it is set up. Would need to know how you would set this up so that if the user did not get the maxmind database that the application would still target how it is today. (Wheher during the installation if picked a new screen would replace the old one)

Targeting using their database for these and any other they offer: Should be a replica of Adsapient.

* Continent

* Country

* State/Province

* City

* Postal Code

* Metropolitan code

* Ip Address

* Area Code

* Connection Speed


3- Support for additional reports (statistics) in the statistics screen and in the campaign area for the email reports into:

-Export to pdf

-Export to Excel

-Export to CSV

-Export to text

-Export to html

-Print Screen

Would need to export reports in to these formats with a single click for easy distribution and for analysis in all the software applications. This should be able to done from the statistics screen so they can download and also in the campaign area where they can set to receive reports by email (should be able to check that and the type of report they want delivered by email). Should be added to all of our software applications.

4- add in wap functionality to deliver ads to phones (mobiles) and other easier and efficient ad capabilities for blogs, pda's and dynamic sites. We want to be well rounded and compete with Asp, Rss and XML features.

The ad code generator should have the options (pull down) for each and labeled wap, blogs, dynamic, etc. So that the ad codes will work with the specific criteria of the users website without having to guess.

5-Ability to translate the system in different languages. Having a language file so if someone wants Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, etc.. They would just choose the language of choice during the installation process. English would be the default language and they would only need to do this if they wanted a different language. You should have 1 main file for the whole software interface for all our software applications and have the main languages included. If a specific language is not they should be able to translate the file in to their language and upload it so their language of choice shows.

We need good communication by you (we like to be kept up to date by email and chat) as well as good efficient programming. We would need to have the hours (our time USA that we would be able to reach you online). And having suggestions, ideas provided by you is a plus.

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