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Labor Law Appeal Assistance Needed

$10-50 USD / hour

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$10-50 USD / hour

I want a lawyer for two things : 1. I have a labor law dispute case that I want to appeal electronically from the 11th circuit Court and want someone to help with submitting the appeal. It should just be filing in an online form. The case is Chris Ronnie VS US Department of Labor Chris Ronnie v. U.S. Department of Labor, No. 20-14214 (11th Cir. 2023) 2. Collect a default judgment already awarded, and submit my pay stub as proof of loss of earnings as requested by the judge, so to adjust the awarded damages. I was stabbed at a restaurant in Los Angeles and I am pretty sure they have insurance. The above labor law dispute can be submitted as proof of earning too as I was awaiting job reinstatement when I was stabbed. I was marketing my unstabbed torso for a nutrition and wellness app I owned when I was stabbed too. My first job out of high school was a CPT with certifications including expertise in nutrition and corrective exercise. The app was making between 500 and 1000 USD per month using diets I was entering for clients, though most of the clients weren't responding nor showing that they were even using the app so I took the app down and launched a better app recently. Chris
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Hello. I am Attorney Umar. I provide online legal help to pro se litigants. Please see wonderful reviews on me at I am an expert draftsman and legal researcher. I write all legal letters, conduct legal research and draft all court documents and forms in highly skilled legal language, backed by authentic legal research, and incorporating caselaws where needed. My experience is spread over 18 years. I am sure you will be completely satisfied with the level of my work. Regards.
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Hello, I have immense experience of providing legal process outsourcing services to the persons. LITIGATION LEGAL ASSISTANT AND PARALEGAL SERVICES at fraction of Attorney cost in: 1. Legal Research 2. Intellectual Property and Copyrights 2. Family Law: Divorce & Child Custody/Support/Termination of Parental Rights 3. Home Loan Bank MERS Foreclosure Litigation 4. Commercial and Residential Evictions, Motions 5. Bankruptcy Petition Preparer, filing and litigation 7. Civil & Personal Injury Complaint/Answers/Motions/Discovery I prefer fixed price for your assignment. I believe I have the experience to match your expectations. Looking forward to work with you. Regards
$30 USD 40 gün içinde
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I hope this message finds you well. After reviewing the project description, I am confident in my ability to meet your needs promptly and effectively. With over six years of experience as a professional lawyer, including tenure at a reputable law firm, I possess a strong foundation in various legal domains such as civil, family, personal injury, and criminal law. My expertise extends to legal drafting, writing, motions, appeals, interrogatories, research, and the preparation of diverse legal documents including sales purchase agreements, legal notices, and shareholder agreements. I am committed to delivering results that align with my clients' expectations efficiently and with precision. Given the ongoing nature of this project, I am fully prepared to dedicate myself to providing consistent support and assistance. I am available to discuss further details at your earliest convenience and look forward to the opportunity to collaborate. Thank you for considering my candidacy. I eagerly anticipate the possibility of contributing to your project's success. Warm regards,
$30 USD 40 gün içinde
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As an experienced attorney well-versed in labor law, I am confident that I can successfully handle both aspects of your appeal and judgment collection. With your specific case in mind, I understand the critical importance of thoroughness and accuracy when dealing with electronic filings. Drawing from my experience with various legal systems, including the American labor law system, I believe I can efficiently navigate the 11th Circuit Court's online form for filing the appeal on your behalf. Moreover, my significant linguistic proficiency ensures that language barriers will never hinder our communication or understanding of your needs throughout this process. Your case requires strategic planning and a diverse skill set. My background not only encompasses relevant legal knowledge but also includes practical experiences such as working with contracts and engaging in legal research. Finally, my dedication to providing effective solutions for complex legal matters will enable me to collect the default judgment and submit your pay stub as proof of loss of earnings to bolster your claim. You deserve justice for both incidents, and with my fluency in multiple languages, we can present a strong argument that reflects the complete picture of your situation. With me by your side, you'll have a skilled legal advocate ensuring that every angle is considered to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.
$10 USD 25 gün içinde
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Hello! I can do your Labor Law Appeal Assistance Needed job accurately. My experience with Legal Writing, Employment Law, Legal, Legal Research and Contracts makes me the right person to help you complete this project. I am available to start immediately upon your approval. Message me for further discussions on this project. Thank you Christian M. for your consideration. Regards Carolyne
$10 USD 27 gün içinde
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