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Lately I have been having a problem with two dedicated servers I have running Linux, Apache, and Ensim.

The issue is that I have a billing script that ties into the Verisign Payflow pro gateway. I have notice intermitten times when The billing script cannot reach the verisign servers, therefore the ransaction cannot be completed.

I have investigated this enough to know that it has nothing to do with Verisign, or the fact that they have recently been changed to PayPal, as I am not specifying a hard coded IP and that my servers (and sites) IP address's and are in the allowable range on verisigns end.

It seems that the problem lies within my own DNS. I am hosting my own DNS and never had a problem before, but lately (on both servers), and I getting "Payment failed, could not resolve hostname" when trying to perform a transaction.

I can SSH in at the root level and type the command, "nslookup payflow.verisign.com" and it returns:

;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

This is the same for both servers...

Now I have another server hosted at a different company, and when I SSH in and type this command I get:

Server: [url removed, login to view]


Non-authoritative answer:

[url removed, login to view] canonical name = payflow.ppv.paypal.com.

Name: [url removed, login to view]

Address: [url removed, login to view]

So everything seems fine on that server.

I am convinced that this is a DNS issue either from an incorrect DNS nameserver setup or a problem in my config file. I have disabled the firewall I was using (apf), and restarted DNS, but this had no effect. I then rebooted the server, still, no effect.

I need someone experienced in Apache configuration and DNS. Someone that can root in and check for errors in the DNS config, as well as the nameserver set up. These servers have been running fine for more than 6 months, so I am lost as to why this is happening now.

Also, I know that it is best to have two nameservers in case one fails, and it is best to have one as a remote nameserver. This is not the current setup I have now (I have one main nameserver, and one virtual name server; both IP's for these nameservers are bound to the local server). If you have advice on the best way to set this up it would be helpful.

The main goal I am seeking is the abiltiy to be able for my servers to reach the verisign's payflow pro servers.

Please apply only if you have experince in this area, as I do pocess some knowledge, and run all of the tests I can complete and still not resolved the issue.

Thank you

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