Installation project using InstallShield

Web Application Installation

The purpose of this task is to build a web application installer using InstallShield 2015 Professional.

OS Target: Windows 7, Window 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2016.

The information below is just a general schema of work to be done. Specific details will be provided to a selected developer.

Important: Please note that we consider qualified people ONLY with solid hands-on experience! Don't try to finesse your experience. Don't waste your time and ours. Don't start something you can't finish!

Proceed with all the questions and checks in the first place and after all information is entered and answered then proceed with the installation process till the end.

Prompt always for the confirmation of each step and let users decide how they wants to proceed.

For example: Installing .NET Framework 4.7 and .NET Core 2.0 is a mandatory requirement for the application. Do you want to continue? If negative answer then stops and cancel installation.

Installation steps module 1 (prerequisites):

Check prerequisites and auto install what is missing. (Turn Windows features on or off - instructions which features should be enabled will follow)

IIS has to be installed / or enabled. Version 7.0 or above.

Web Management Tools.

WWW / Application development features.



Other additional WWW related features may be needed (details will be provided).

Check .NET frameworks and auto install if needed: 4.7 and .NET Core 2.0.

SQL Server database installation (SQL Server Express Advanced w/ Reporting Services is a default)

Check if any SQL Server version(s) are present on the target computer.

Ask if user want to use 1) existing SQL Server instance; 2) another SQL server in their network or 3) proceed with standard instance installation (SQL Express 2012 w/ Reporting Services).

For option 3 above, proceed with standard instance installation using default instance name and account we will provide. This should be unattended installation.

For option 1 above users shall be prompted to provide instance name and credentials allowing database creation

For option 2 above users shall be prompted to provide server name, instance name and credentials allowing database creation.

For options 1 and 2 users shall be also prompted for the location and credentials of the existing Reporting Services if users plan to use them

In all cases, database(s) will be created in the selected SQL instance using scripts we provide. More than one database will be installed.

The installation process has to upload a set of reports to the Reporting Server local or remote. Details will be provided.

This installation process will execute automatically the second installation process described below as module 2.

Installation steps module 2 (Web Application Installation):

Prompt for destination folder and copy all application files, EXEs and DLLs. We will provide default folder names.

Setup IIS site, web application, application pool, virtual folders and more pointing to installed files. Different sites, applications, web services and WCF services may be required to install.

Install some required windows services.

Prompt for license information and install license. Allow license to be copied. Details will be provided.

Install desktop icons.

Other small processes to complete the installation maybe required.

Uninstall option is required to remove all traces of the application from the computer.

All the information described above is a general idea of the process to be done, additional steps or settings maybe required later. This schema is subject to change.

Any InstallShield script, external code, program or tools has to be provided with full source code included and potential 3th party used tools.

We will provide a virtual machine with InstallShield 2015 Professional licensed version preinstalled.

Deadline: 2 weeks.

Beceriler: IIS, Kurulum, Microsoft SQL Server, Betik Yükleme

Konum: Florham Park, United States

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