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500203 Delayed Answer mobile app for Android

I have patent pending idea called 'Delayed Answer" in which a phone call is connected, but put on hold for a few moments until the recipient can really take the call.

Who doesn't wish they could just have a few seconds more to answer a call? Avoid the hassel of texting your friend that your in a meeting and need a few moments to step out, or skip all the explaining why your whispering and just use Delay-Answer!



The Delayed-Answer system is made for the times when you are in an awkward place to answer a call or have your hands full for a few moments; it allows you to press "Delayed Answer" on your phone's calling screen which answers the call and immediately puts the caller on hold while having an automated message inform them the person they are trying to reach have answered the phone via "Delayed Answer" and will be with them shortly. The user would have about 30sec. or so to actually "un-hold" or "Resume" the incoming caller (with a countdown clock of the time remaining, 30sec. so they know how much time they have to answer the call) and then continue the call normally once they are out of the quiet place or whatever.

The Delayed answering button would be a third button added to the calling screen. In my drawing of a potential screen I had the "Delay Answer" being the most prominent, but I think the regular green answer button should be the biggest up top, and red ignore and then my delay answer could be next to each other, less prominently, below.

For now I would be happy to do a default of 30 seconds to keep the incoming caller on hold, but possible a user selectable amount of time (ranging from 10 seconds to 2 minutes). A countdown clock should show on the screen if they selected delay answer. If they do not answer the call before the end of the timer the call should be terminated.

Once they answer it resumes like a normal call.

Most importantly a recorded voice message should play telling the incoming caller they have been placed on 'Delayed Answer" and the call will be answered shortly. (See it would be nice if the voice could say how long they could possibly be on hold, the same time as the countdown screen, so it might be easier just to get the app out there as only having 30 seconds for the wait time.)

Should look clean and integrated in the operating system's normal call screen.


I only have a small upfront budget, but am willing to split the profits with a developer. This idea is protected by the USPTO with a provisional patent, I have legal documents drafted and ready to be signed for anyone who can help build this app.

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