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519895 Iphone App: Zombie Defence 101 (Game)

All the words/features are made by Me And Me Only... (Guillermo Santiago Abreu)

Zombie defence 101:


Welcome to zombie defence 101. You are here because crisis has struct out on Florida, Eventually the whole world.... The Goverment set up this team called "DemoGuards" To Protect civilians and to go do special missions, guess what you are one. Your mission is to reach the zombie destroyer 2000, and restart it up before it becomes a zombie crisis! Heres a Magnum, Just in case you need to blast some zombies. Jason will guide you to training.

"Welcome Im Jason, I will be your Zombie Defence 101, Coach And Instructor...

Today we will test your skills with your pistol. Please shoot those 3 zombies."

*** If Dies ---> Restart Game ***

*** If Kills -->

"Okay now were going to test your survival skills, Try to kill 20 of those zombies!"***

If Dies or Kills ---> "Okay, I think your ready for your mission, Just press the pause,

For a special Menu!"


Main Menu:

New Game---> "Are you sure you would like to start a New Game, Yes Or No?"

Continue ---> Continue Game.

Visit Webiste ---> Redirects to website.

Pause Menu:

Resume ---> Resume Game

Save Game --> You will be overwriting your current game Continue? Yes... Cancel

Quit Game---> You will be quitting your game without saving. Continue? Yes Cancel

Objectives ----> Shows Objectives

Map ---> MAP

Armory---> You will be going back to the armory, which will restart this level. Continue?


Magnum ---> Desert Eagle $800 ---> Dual Desert Eagles $1000

Shotgun $700 ---> Spaz 12 $1500----> Golden Spaz 12 $2100

Grenades (x8) $500 ---> RPG $2000

Mp5k $1400---> Mini Uzi $1800---> Ump 45 $2000

Ak47 $1600---> M4A1 $1800---> M60 $2500

Health Pack---> Price Depends on Needed hp.


Thats Just the basics of the game...

I will be offering to give $17, + 30% of Profit Of Sales.

Please contact me

Thank You,

Guillermo Abreu.

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