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Write an iPhone application

The Developer shall work to produce the product from concept to delivery as applications on iOS & Android

The developer shall produce the product as per attachments + below specifications + our discussion + feedback on skype.

By accepting this project, the developer is bound with the terms and conditions on the attachment document

The Project will be endless runner game on both platforms iOS & Android

The developer must ensure the functionality of every feature.

The developer must ensure quality and delivery of English commented source code.

-Game Name: "Candy Land: Baby Rush"

-The Game theme: Candy land, in which everything is just candy

-The Game Sound must be also about candies.

-Main Character: Cute Baby with Candy

-Baby will be passing through between obstacles avoiding colliding with them.

-Baby will lose 1 life on colliding with obstacle

-Game play should have easy controls and direction for that baby.

As the player progress through levels, the difficulty increases:

1. The distance between obstacles decreases.

2. The distance between consecutive obstacles decreases

3. The speed of the screen going up increases

-Player can find extra life as a bonus item while passing through obstacles and then he has to touch it in order to gain it.

-Player start with1 lives

-At every 30 floors the player can save his position at "Save Points", in which the player put his baby on that save area "Candy Store or Candy Factory" and then POPUP comes with the following options:

"Save your position here, by"

1. Facebook share

2. Tweet on Twitter.

3. Watch or click on Ads

-Once the user accomplish just ONE of these options, he/she saves their position in that floor in this "Save Point"

-The player save the following:

1. Score

2. Floor position.

3. Lives

-So when the player go back to the home screen, he can find the following options:

1. Continue from Last Save Point at "x" floor

2. Start a New Game.

3. Rate us (Icon)

4. Ranking (Icon)

5. Quit

- When the player loses all lives, a similar POPUP arrive with the same options

"Get an extra life, By"

1. Facebook share

2. Tweet on Twitter.

3. Watch or click on Ads

-Once the user accomplish just ONE of these options, he/she get an extra life and respawn back to continue playing normally.

-Extra Life is limited to one time only, after that when the player lose all lives, "Game Over".

-When "Game Over" a POPUP arrives with

"Brag your score"

1. Facebook share

2. Tweet on Twitter.

-Player can only have One "Save Point" , so if player reach 500 and saved his position at that floor, and then reached 700 and saved his position at that floor, the previous save at 500 gets deleted.

-Ads from Chartboost arrives on:

1. Watch or click on Ads on the POPUP of Save Points

2. Watch or click on Ads on the POPUP of Extra Life

3. At Home screen when player clicks on "Continue from Last Save point" Ads get showed to the user.

4. When the player closes the game.

-Facebook Share & Twitter Tweet appears on:

1. POPUP of extra life

2. POPUP of Save

3. POPUP of Game Over

When player clicks the Share Or Tweet Buttons, he get directed to Facebook or Twitter to authorize the app to post and once the user authorize the app, a Facebook post or Twitter Tweet is made on the players account with.

1. Text: "PLAYER NAME" just scored XXX in Candy Land: Baby Rush! You will never beat me!

2. Picture with the score, that when clicked directed the new user to iTunes or google play to download the game based on the device.

Payment Milestones:

1. milestone: 10% after you deliver first version of iOS build

2. milestone: 20% after you deliver modified version of iOS build based on our modifications and feedback

3. milestone: 30% after delivery of android build + 100 QA

4. milestone: 30% after delivery of source code and marketing assets

5. milestone: 10% after release on stores

-We will provide constant feedback for further modifications and enhancements to be done so we can approve the product and the developer must apply them.

Beceriler: iPhone, Mobile App Development

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