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We are looking for an experienced mobile application developer, for Android , iphone and windows to develop a mobile reservation system through our network of service providers and pay for the reservation .

User end:-

1- The user should be able to create and save medical file to his account that can be sent to the doctor makes a reservation for review of his case before the consultation.

2- The users end should include a country filter, city filter, specialty filter, service filter to finalize patient's choice for reservation.

3- The user should be able to pay by his credit when making a reservation, in case it is covered by insurance company (his portion) or the whole amount if not covered by insurance company.

4- The end user application should reflect the actual amount needed to be paid by the end user according to information entered in the web interface. please refer below to the insurance section clarification.

5- The end user profile should be auto updated on both application and in desktop when the user is connected to the internet.

Doctor end:-

1- The doctor should be able to enter the time they can accept a reservation at.

2- The doctor should be notified with time of reservation.

3- The doctors should be able to review / modify the patient medical file.

CSS Web page:-

1- The company (us) should be able to add/delete/edit doctors & services to data base.

2- The company ( us ) should be able to track payments made for reservations.

3- The company ( us ) should be able to add more insurance policies to the data base of the service providers.

4- The company can limit the service provided by certain doctor to a certain insurance policy or to all insurance policies.

5- The company should be able to send AD notifications to users with special offers run by the doctors.


The insurance policies will be stored in a web based portal accessed only by ( us ) to enter the data manually from our end.

1. Each insurance policy is unique, and accordingly the user of that policy is paying his portion. The policy could carry the expenses from (0: 100 %) of the whole cost.

2. The policy is identified by its unique number that shows what is covered and what is not covered and the percentage by which the patient is covered in consultation / medication / physiotherapy / dental ...etc.

3. When a user makes a reservation, he/ she should pay only his percentage according to his insurance policy, and if he/she chooses a service that is not covered by his policy / or choose a service that is not covered by his policy should pay the whole cost of the service.


i. Please acknowledge that not all doctors are dealing with every insurance companies or other word saying that not every insurance company is dealing with every doctor to provide service.

ii. Please acknowledge that some insurance companies are working in more than one country and some are much localized and working in a one city or country.

a. The source code and 100% of the copy rights to be submitted to ( us ) the company after completing the project by attested papers from the MOFA in the programmer country.

b. The project is to be built from scratch and will need to have a continuous follow up and updates, and we prefer to have a partner on update maintenance of the program for a percentage of the project.

c. No upfront or portion of the payment till the project is completed.

d. A full security testing of the development to be filled for all stages of the application and to be handled to ( us ) the company after the project is completed.

e- the back end of he website and the APIS connection with insurance policies is part of the project

f- any extra work we will pay for it by hourly basis if requested during the development

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