similar SQL query than yesterday


this is our SQL query, which is workin fine now:


update my011_lag_lagerdatei updTable, (select * from my011_lag_lagerdatei as lag

inner join my204_tmpfp_formpos

on my204_TMPFP_Mandant=my011_LAG_Mandant and my204_TMPFP_MandantOrdner=my011_LAG_MandantOrdner and


left join ( select slbp.my022_LBP_ID_Lagerartikel, SUM(slbp.my022_LBP_Bewegung) AS sum_bewegung_total

from my022_lbp_lagerbewegungprot slbp

join my011_lag_lagerdatei ll on slbp.my022_LBP_ID_Lagerartikel=ll.my011_LAG_ID

where my022_LBP_Datum>ll.my011_LAG_Inventurdatum and my022_LBP_Mandant='SAND' and my022_LBP_MandantOrdner='SANDV12'

group by slbp.my022_LBP_ID_Lagerartikel

) lbp

on lbp.my022_LBP_ID_Lagerartikel=lag.my011_LAG_ID

where lag.my011_LAG_Mandant='SAND' and lag.my011_LAG_MandantOrdner='SANDV12' and my204_TMPFP_PCName='PCCHRIS'

) as temp

set updTable.my011_LAG_Lagermenge = (CASE

WHEN isnull(temp.sum_bewegung_total) THEN temp.my011_LAG_Inventurmenge ELSE temp.my011_LAG_Inventurmenge+temp.sum_bewegung_total END)

where updTable.my011_LAG_ID=temp.my011_LAG_ID


Now I need a very similar query:

with old query it calculates the total sum of a field from table my022_lbp

now we have to calculate the total sum of a field from table my020_bez. The different part is, that the date to compare is in another linked table. For better understanding: my019_bes and my020_bez are tables of an order form, where my019_bes is the order header and my020_bez contains the order rows. My_019_bes and My_020_bez is a one-to-many-relationship where the connecting fields are:




The date to compare is my019_BES_Bestelldatum.

So, rows should summed where: my019_BES_Bestelldatum > my011_LAG_Inventurdatum

This filed from table my020_bez should be summed: my020_BEZ_OffeneMenge

Beceriler: MySQL

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