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A bit of background first. A few years ago I posted a job on here, found a freelancer and worked with him for the past 2-3 years. Things have been going great, there were numerous small projects in addition performed by this freelancer for me.

Unfortunately I have not been able to contact him for 2 months. Last contact was he was taking a day job and was going to be very busy. I am saddened to have to look for a new freelancer, but here I am.

What I am after.

The original freelancer wrote a project for me, an application, that would take a suppliers (call them supplier A) product datafeeds (about 7 txt files) and integrate them into my oscommerce (creloaded) store.

Basically, its an application on my desktop, with a config file (that has database username/password etc, lots of config options, filter list, price calculations etc), it processes these data files, removes words I dont want and replaces them (as in it filters my suppliers name and replaces them with mine) adds my margin to the price and uploads/inserts them to my mysql db.

There are about 20 000 products.

This application does a few more things than the above, but I am hoping that the above gives the right person an idea of whats being done.

What I now need?

I need more functions integrated into this system.

What you will do for me?

Somehow decompile the application, learn the workings of the application, and add the functionality to it for me. The application works great, so I don’t want a new one if at all possible.

Project details.

Content is everything.

I have several suppliers that give me data feeds in addition to the one main one that is referred to in the above application.

What I want to do is run a data match on the new supplier feeds(csv’s or txt files), on the products manufacturer number, and if there is an exact match, then integrate any additional product information into the data feed (and therefore my products database on my site).

Make sense?

Supplier A has say a 200 word product desctription. Supplier b has the same product (matched by manufacturer number) and itself has a 200 word product desctription. Your work will be to make the application integrate both the product desctriptions. Simply append supplier b's description to the end of supplier a's.

There may also be information in supplier c’s and d’s price lists that ideally will also be appended.

There may also be image url’s in these feeds. Oscommerce/Creloaded allows for additional images for your products, so if there are additional images available from these supplier feeds, then they will be inserted into the respective DB field.

As an addit, in some instances there is no product description in supplier a’s feed, but there is in supplier b’s, c’s or d’s so this will be inserted giving me descriptions where I didn’t have them before.

The goal of this is to differentiate my site from my competitors who only use one data feed, therefore increasing my search engine popularity with better content, as well as helping my customers more with more information.

Budget is based on what I used to pay for these sort of additions with my past freelancer.

What I am after from you is honesty, integrity, prompt service. I must have exclusive rights, I don’t want it forsale on some website somewhere afterwards. I would also like to have the source code to the application, just in case, you, my new freelancer, disappears on me also.

Preference will be given to the freelancer that conveys an understanding to me of the project, not some “yes sir we can do” response.


Beceriler: .NET, Her şey Kabul, MySQL

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