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Software Requirements Specification


Version 1.0

04th March 2011

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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

will be a software package designed for managing our Plumbing, Heating, Gas and Electrical engineers. At its core it will allow our business to store our customer database, help us manage yearly service reminders and manage our customer history. The interface will also allow us to create invoices and estimates, and will synchronise seamlessly with Quickbooks accounting software. ([url removed, login to view])

Customer Database

Keep a detailed customer database

* Store all our customer information.

* Keep records of Estate Agents and Contract Customers.

* Store Tenant addresses.

* Record multiple contact numbers including work, mobile and fax.

* Keep detailed notes reminding us about previous problems or comments we have had with that customer.

Intelligent Validation

* Validation stops us from mistakenly entering the same customer into our database twice.

Postcode Lookup

* Integrated postcode lookup makes entering addresses quick

* Captures our customer address automatically eliminating mistakes using the address database.

Powerful Searching

* Fast easy searching allows us to quickly display customer details.

* Advanced searching allows us to bring up customer details using any search criteria.

Record Customer Appliance Details

* Keep detailed records of appliances installed at each property.

* Store appliance serial number, ventilation number and gas council number.

* Keep a record of the warranty expiry date for all appliances.

* Keep a history of the condition of each appliance if needed.

Organise our engineers' time

* Visual diary allows us to see engineer availability at a glance.

* Drag and drop diary events to easily and quickly rearrange.

* Rebook jobs by simply drag and dropping them onto the diary.

* Quick job facility allows us to create jobs directly from the diary.

* Simple to use job board shows us real-time updates from the field.

* Specify time slots to complete a job allowing us to plan our day more accurately.

* Manage simple morning or afternoon events allowing us to keep our schedule flexible.

* Helpful validation ensures we never double book a job.

* Real-time access to our diary for all office and engineers.

* Book and manage engineer and office holiday.


* Easy to create estimates.

* customise and reuse templates for each customer.

* Automatically picks up customer's name, address and contact information eliminating rekeying and errors.

Printing and emailing estimates

* With one click we can email an estimate.

* Print estimates out with one click

* Keep records of all printed and emailed estimates so we know which ones have gone out.

Easily create and manage our jobs

* Quickly and easily create jobs assigning them to an engineer.

* Print job sheets for engineers.

* Record the status of a job, i.e. new appointment needed.

* Manage Emergency Jobs.

* Enter reference numbers which we may receive from estate agents/contracts.


* Easily turn jobs invoice invoices.

* Automatically copy job details or engineer notes onto invoices.

* Break prices down by Labour, Parts, Travel and more.

* Choose whether to use our own invoice number or have the system create them for us.

* Display custom notes at the bottom of invoices.

* Invoices display job numbers, customer reference numbers and job address.

* Reports show us which invoices haven't yet been printed or emailed, this stops us forgetting to send them.

* Create and manage credit notes and supplementary invoices.

Managing customer payments

* Record if a deposit has been taken.

* Record multiple payments against a job.

* Allow for credits when customers pay too much.

Printing and emailing invoices

* Print invoices on letter-headed paper.

* Email invoices and save on postage.

* Keep records of all printed and emailed invoices so we know which ones have gone out.

* Batch invoice runs make sure we never forget to print an invoice.

This is absolutely vital in the project. We are unable to go with a company who cannot do this following point

* All payments, invoices, credit memo and estimates automatically synchronise over the internet to our Quickbooks software in the office, securely, customers and tenants will be added to the customer database correctly at a set interval ie; every 30 minutes.

Simple to complex job costing

* Allocate costs against jobs. Materials, time spent on labour etc

* Assign miscellaneous costs against jobs.


* Quickly and easily create CP12 forms and also boiler service form.

* Automatically picks up customer address details.

* Reprint Gas Certificates at the click of a button, they are stored in the database.

Service Reminders

* service reminders prompt us to contact customers before their yearly service is due.

* Create a Service Reminder report that shows by month which customers need an annual Boiler Service/Gas Certificate Renewal that month.

Print our reminders

* Automatic mail merge helps print off service reminder letters.

* Email monthly service lists to Estate Agents or Contracts.

* Send notice letters to tenants to let them know a service has been booked for the property they are in.

Store employee information

* Record our employees' key information.

* Set access levels for each employee giving you control of what information they see.

* Keep a record of emergency contacts in case a situation arises.

* Record sick and holiday days.

* Manage employees' holiday requests and make sure they don't exceed their entitlement.

* Reminder alerts when employee qualification expires.

* Save notes relating to health problems, accidents and injuries or anything else that maybe useful.

Employee and vehicle reminders

* Vehicle alerts remind you to renew MOT, insurance and tax on your van(s).

* Automatic reminders alert you when an engineer's qualifications need renewing.

Record holidays and meetings

* Book out engineer's holiday and sick time ensuring you don't double book them on jobs.

* Manage college and meetings so you never forget to go.

Store vehicle information

* Record the details of your company vehicles.

* Record vehicle service logs.

* Set reminders for vehicle servicing, road tax, MOT and insurance renewal.


* Customer login allows you to give our customers limited access to our database.

* Customers can login via our website.

* we can give access to individual customers and control what they can actually do.

* The customer login portal is completely different from the application and can be found at a different site location

* Once a customer is logged in they will only ever be able to see their information and their tenant information, they will never be able to see our other customers' details.


* Let our customer view and edit their contact and tenant details.

* Let our customer run service reminder reports to check when they're tenants yearly services are due.

* Let our customer view an outstanding job report to check what jobs are currently occurring.

* Let our customer leave notes against tenant addresses.


* Information can be easily filtered down making it simpler and easier to analyse.

* Reports can be exported in excel and PDF format.

What sorts of reports are available?

* Detailed Customer Reports

* Job Reports

* Diary Reports

* Estimate Reports

* Sales Reports

* Expense Reports

* Engineer Analysis

* Service Reminder Reports

Record supplier information

* Easily create supplier records giving us easy access to telephone numbers and addresses when we need them.

* Add notes to supplier records helping to keep track of past problems

* Keep contact information for individuals within suppliers.

Simple supplier and invoice search

* Search for supplier details in seconds using supplier name, address or contact information.

* Quickly bring up past supplier invoices simply by typing in the invoice number.

* View our company expenditure at the click of a button.

Track how much we owe

* Record payments against supplier's invoices.

* Easily maintain expenses keeping track of payments and money owed to suppliers.

* Simple credit based system allows us to setup terms of payment with each supplier, alerting you when a payment is due.

Manage our parts database

* Keep records of all parts purchased.

* Appliance Categories make searching for stock easy and quick.

* Quickly and easily look up which parts are in which particular engineers' van.

* Keep a record of the date, engineer and which parts were installed at a particular property.

Keep track of our costs

* Keep track of the price of parts allowing us to manage our costs and profit margins better.

* Integrated with Job Costing it is easy to assign parts directly to jobs.

* Keep a record of historical prices and price changes on all parts.

* Manage different purchase VAT rates including 0%, 5%, 15 20% etc.

Search our stock database

* Easy and quick searches allow you to bring up stock records immediately.

* Search by type, make, model, description, colour and much more.

Keep an audit trail

* View a complete history including information on when stock was bought or used.

* Integrated Parts and Purchasing Module allows you to instantly view your supplier invoice by clicking on the stock item.

* Keep track of part items that were returned to the supplier.

Automatically import into Quickbooks

• No double keying records into multiple systems.

• No need for manual imports.

• Runs every two hours so Quickbooks is always up-to-date.

• Imports customer records, invoices, payments, credit notes, supplier, supplier invoices, supplier payments and supplier credit notes.

• No complex setup and no specialist hardware or networking required.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IPHONE APPLICATION AND ANDROID APPLICATION


* Engineers can view diary information on the move.

* we can control how far forward the engineer can view.

Managing our Diary

* Book in normal events into your diary like 'Going to the bank'.

* Easily create new jobs for existing, or new customers.

* While on-site arrange to visit the property again (book straight into your diary).

* Identify outstanding jobs that need to be rebooked (from previous days) and add them to your diary.

Push Technology - Real-time access to new information

* Push-Technology allows jobs and other changes to appear almost immediately.

* No need to wait several minutes/hours before new information is received.

* Secure connection to information.

* Engineers only have the latest most up-to-date information.

Information from the field

* View Job details and address information.

* View and create telephone numbers.

* View and create new appliance details.

* View specific customer notes.

* view previous visit history.

* View customer job history.

Track our engineers job progress in real-time

* Job board shows office staff progress of each job.

* Engineers can accept or reject jobs.

* Keep a record of when engineers start to travel to their next job.

* Keep a log of when engineers arrive and leave a customer's property.

* Take customer's signature when leaving site.

* Engineer can enter detailed job feedback.


* Create electronic Gas Safety Certificates (CP12) while on site.

* Capture customer and engineer signatures.

* Office staff can instantly see, print or email certificates once completed.

* Email certificates from the field.

Creating Invoices

* Create invoices from the field.

* Create full invoice breakdown incl. Labour/Parts.

* Record payments received from the field.

* Email invoices from the field.

Taking photo's on site

* Engineers can take photos of completed work.

* Photos get sent back to the office and are automatically attached to the job.

* Look back at old jobs and see attached photos (this is particularly useful with customer disputes).


* Store documents, spreadsheets, images and more on our own office based file server which is part of the online system and will be available to view from any computer with an internet connection.

* the benefit of being a totally integrated system, this allows us to attach files/documents/spreadsheets etc to jobs, estimates, employee records

Securing your files

* Create public and private folders and files, so if you need to share files with your colleagues you can do.

* Once you have uploaded a file you will then be able to manage who has access to that file, so if you want to give some of your employee's access, you can do!

* Engineers will be able to take photographs from their mobile phone which will appear immediately for your office staff to see. This not only allows us to keep detailed written reports, but also photographic proof of the completed jobs.

Default Security – completely secure database that we can trust

* comes with a default security package which allows you to assign an employee an access level 1-5.

* The higher the access the more an employee can view, add, edit or delete.

Role Based Security - If we have specific security needs

* Role based security helps us to decide what information you want your employees to see.

* Each employee is assigned a 'role'. we can manipulate the role giving our users more or less access to the system.

* A simple to use form allows us to literally switch on certain features.

* Create infinite number of roles, so if someone in your office needs access to something specific you can create a role just for them!


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