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Project Description: Parcel Delivery and Forwarding to Belarus

Dear friends. Australia Post does not allow parcels to be sent to Belarus, due to geopolitical issues. We have been unable to send gifts to our family in Belarus since 2019. We would like to send a small parcel to you and then for you to forward the parcel on to Belarus.

First milestone released to cover cost of shipping to Belarus. Receipt needed. And tracking number.

Second milestone released (your payment) when parcel arrives.

- We are looking for a freelancer who can help us with the delivery and forwarding of a parcel to Belarus.

- The parcel weighs 1.5 kg, and does not require any special handling or precautions.

- We do not have a preferred shipping service and are open to suggestions from the freelancer.

- The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in international shipping and be familiar with the logistics involved in delivering parcels to Belarus.

- Attention to detail and the ability to track and ensure the safe delivery of the parcel is crucial.

- The freelancer should also have good communication skills to provide updates and coordinate with us throughout the delivery process.

- This is a one-time project with the possibility of future collaborations for similar tasks.

- Interested freelancers are requested to provide their proposed shipping services and rates for consideration.

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