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MYSPACE PROJECT Quick and easy for right programmer!!

What I need is a way that users can click onto a link I send them or that I have set up on my site for them to click on so that as a member of [url removed, login to view] they can VERY QUICKLY see who all has that user selected as one of their top friends. Right now each member is allowed to have 40 top friends. I want it so that by clicking the link/icon (whatever its called) that they simply type in THEIR myspacename (the name that goes next to their profile picture) and then click "show me everyone who has ME in their top friends list". The program will then QUICKLY send back to the user a list WITH THE PICTURE AND MYSPACENAME associated with the picture (profile) of EVERY member of myspace that has the user listed in their top friends. The program will ALSO indicate above each picture a number indicating what friend # the user is. For instance if user X clicks "show me everyone who has ME in their top friends list" they will get back a listing of pictures with the myspace names UNDER the pictures and a number on TOP of the picture that indicates what position user X is in the top friends list. So lets say user X is in Bill Smiths top friends and is the 8th top friend listed. When user X clicks "show me everyone who has ME in their top friends list" user X will then get the picture of Bill Smith and Bill Smiths profile name (name under the picture) and a number 8 on top of the picture. This tells user x that user x is in Bill Smiths topfriends list as the #8 friend. Many users will be listed in numerous members top friends. The sequence will work the same rather they are in 1 persons top friends list or 100 million members top friends list. Whether a user is in 1 members top friends or 10 million members top friends, when the user clicks "show me everyone who has Me in their topfriends list, the user will get back pictures next to each other neatly arranged with the profile names under and the friend # above EVERY pic. Some users will have numerous pages of returns (i.e. popular people). Each member that has the user of the program in their top friends will have the pic displayed with name under the pic and the number on top of the pic for the user to see when the user clicks "show me everyone who has Me in their topfriends list.

Also, the user will have an OPTION in the program to select: members that have listed the user in their top friends in the past 24 hours, past 7 days, past 30 days. So, if the user does not select one of the options above then the program will show every member of myspace that CURRENTLY has the user listed as a top friend.

Also, the user will see a total numerical count of all myspace members that have the user listed as a top friend regardless of what option the user chooses and even if the member does not select an option. So if user x is listed in 22,567 top friends list it will return that many pics with the names under and the friend placement # on top of the picture. So for example the program would say "You are listed in 22,567 my space users top friends list. The numerical value would be determined by the numerical count of how many myspace members have the user in their top friends list.

Many members will not have a picture displayed but instead have a box that says "no photo". In that case the user will get the box that says "no photo" along with the other pics of members that have the user in their top friends list. The "no photo" boxes will still have the members name under the box and number above the box as mentioned earlier.

The program (if possible) should be designed so that it can be ran while NOT logged into myspace and it can be ran while the user IS logged into myspace. (if possible)

The program should be designed so that I own and I retain all rights to the program. The script/program will be owned by me only. All of your code will be DOCUMENTED IN ENGLISH and EASILY INTEGRATED for quick modification and layout changes. You will send me the program code, a zip file AND mail to me a cd of the program before payment is released. You must be available for repairing glitches found in the program for 45 days after purchase free of charge. If the program does everything as listed above their should be no problems whatsoever. Users of the program will be able to utilize the program an UNLIMITED amount of times. Example if they want to check how many friends they have 200 times a day they can.

I pay ONLY when I see a solid working program that I am 100% satisfied with! I pay only with paypal. You agree that if I am not 100% satisfied with the program that ALL money will be refunded back to me.

The deadline is very strict! I want the program fully working and on my computer with ALL kinks worked out and all gliches, etc. fixed in 7 days from the date you are selected as the winning bidder. I do not utilize escrow. I pay directly to YOU via paypal upon my approval of the COMPLETED project.

You agree to provide ANY and ALL needed instructions to me on how to utilize the program.

Note: I have other programs in the works at present. If you impress me with good quality and honest work there may be more jobs for you! :-)

Beceriler: Javascript, Link Oluşturma, Linux, Perl, Eğitim

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