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Project Description: Baby Photography

I am looking for a talented photographer who specializes in capturing the precious moments of newborn babies. The project involves the following requirements:

Style of Photography:

- I am interested in a posed/studio style of baby photography, where the baby is carefully positioned and photographed in the hospital room.

- The photographer should have experience in creating beautiful and artistic images using props and backdrops.


- The photoshoot will take place in the newborn baby unit of a hospital.

- The photographer should be comfortable working in this setting and be able to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the baby and parents.

Number of Edited Photos:

- I would like to receive around 10-15 edited photos from the photoshoot.

- The photographer should have excellent editing skills to enhance the images and deliver high-quality final products.

Ideal Skills and Experience:

- Proven experience in newborn baby photography, with a portfolio showcasing their ability to capture the innocence and beauty of newborns.

- Knowledge of posing techniques for newborns and the ability to handle them with care and safety.

- Proficiency in using props and backdrops to create visually appealing images.

- Strong editing skills to enhance the photos and deliver a polished final product.

If you are a talented and passionate photographer who can meet

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