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Wordpress plugin – (helpdesk ticketing system)

My project has 5 phases – You are bidding on phase 1. I prefer people who can complete all 5 phases. Require you to comment all the code so I understand how you’re passing information around.

I am looking for a long term partner who can stick to time lines and budget. Unexpected increases or delays are not appreciated. I have been burned once on this site. So sorry if I am very thought, I am normally very friendly.

The budget for Phase 1 is between £150-£300 (that is $250-$450)

Total budget allocated for the entire system is approximately £2000 ($3000)

I can provide a more detailed psd file. However free lancer did not allow me to upload it. Please ask for it if you need it.

Phase 1 – Core ticketing system (information entry and structure)

Phase 2 – Email automation

Phase 3 – Themeing/GUI integration and upgrade.

Phase 4 – create reporting tools

Phase 5 – system optimization


Phase 1 –

The data matrix attached does not include information concerning user/password details. This is to be discussed. The data matrix displays what type of information will be shown in the GUI. Not what is needed for the system to operate such as permissions settings? This is to be discussed with the developer.

I require a helpdesk ticketing system that records the following information.

Status, call reference number, Company name, Issue, open date, last updated, Assigned to.

In the record “company name”, the following sub records must contain the following;

Location, employees, main phone, fax, contract status, contact class.

Within the locations record, the following sub records must exist.

Location name, 1st line of address, country, postcode. Main IT contact and second IT contact.

Within the employees records there must be the following sub records.

Employee name, job title, email address, phone number, location, fax

Call ref record has contains a number generated by the ticketing system as an ID for a ticket.

Main IT and Second IT records are links to employee records under a company.

Status is a record that defines the urgency of the call. There are 4 statuses –“p1, p2, p3, hold”.

Assign record is a list of administrators who deal with tickets.

If you require a more detailed explanation of the values that are entered into each record please ask.

Please refer to the data matrix diagram attached (data matrix) for an understanding on how information is linked.

GUI – attached [url removed, login to view] displays how the information should be laid out.

There are 3 components to how the data is displayed above.

1> The settings page (accessible via the word press plug-in page)

2> The Logon page

3> The Ticketing system itself.

1> The settings page -

a> The settings page is used to define administrators and user access. The entire employee’s in the system should only be able to view tickets created under their company name.

b> The ability to define admits (people who can add/remove companies and employee’s) and see all the details for all the companies. This list of admins is available for selection under assign.

c> The ability to manage all the companies stored. Upload and export to and from CSV files.


a. The logon page is something I must be able to create in the page’s section of word press. All I need is a code that defines a username and password field, people can use to enter their username and passwords to see the tickets. Their username defines the permissions they have and what they can see.


a> The ticketing system is actually a total of 5 pages. 2 pages display information from the data matrix above based on the permissions the logon user has. The other 3 are forms.

b> Page 1 is the ticketing systems main display. These outputs all the tickets the individual is suppose to see. For admin users, it shows all the tickets that are assigned to them. For employee’s. IT is suppose to show all the tickets they have logged. Depending on the filter settings, each user is able to display a different amount of information. (E.g. Admin can look at other administrators queue.

Phase 2 – Email automation

1> Integrate the ticketing system into Google apps and Google mail accounts to perform the following tasks.

a> Allow admin users to send an email from within the ticket to clients or additional people which gets sent via Google apps.

b> Create a ticket from incoming emails sent to the system.

c> Send confirmation emails of a ticket closing when closing a ticket.

d> Send a confirmation email from the system when a ticket is opened.

e> When a ticket is created by the system automatically. Generate an email to a specific email address to inform them the ticket has been created.

Phase 3 – Themeing/GUI integration and upgrade.

1> Allow users to select different themes from word press

2> Improve the form interfaces to include AJAX features. (collapsible form fields)

3> Basic making the ticketing system look cool! (very technical terms used here like jazz it up and make it shine)

Phase 4 – reporting tools (This is not shown on in the PSD)

1> Create a page that allows you to see the tickets created in a similar way you would view data in Google analytics.

Phase 5 – system optimization

1> When changing from page to page, the system filters and search feature must respond and call information quickly and efficiently.

2> Security test – confirm each user is only able to see data they should see.

3> Passwords are all secured and hashed and it’s not possible to gain access to them.

4> Insure page loading is quick

5> Insure errors or issues the web-site has. Appropriate error messages are created.

Beceriler: AJAX, MySQL, PHP, WordPress

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