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101400 Randomization

It is basically a randomization program for referral links. A user would sign, and then is given the option of submitting up to 5 sites. First, they would select a category. I�ll use two categories as an example: Computer & Travel. Let�s say they were an affiliate of a web hosting company. They would choose the Computer category. The Computer category would be pre-populated by me with the programs already, such as GoDaddy, [url removed, login to view], and Network Solutions. If they had an affiliate link for GoDaddy, they would choose that program, and then asked to enter in their affiliate ID and submit. So, users would just be submitting affiliate ID�s for various programs. That�s part one.

Part two: There would be another page that will do a randomization. A user would login, pick a group, such as the Computer group, Travel, or All and then click on a link or button that says �Randomize!� I would need this function to go into each program for the particular category they pick (or all categories) and pick a random referral link that is in the �Enabled� state (a referral link can be Enabled, Disabled, or Suspended). It would then display the banner for that program and create a link with the random referral link that was chosen. This function would do this for every program in the category selected by the user and display the banners on separate lines on the page. The user could then choose from one of the banners, click on them, and open a new web page to that program. which contains the random referral link. Ideally, I would like all the banners to be displayed by popularity of the program (which would be based on the number of referral links in the program).

Finally, I would like an admin page where I could Add/Delete groups and Add/Delete programs within each program. I would also like to be able to view all the referral links within each program.

Below I have listed how I thought the tables should look, but let me know if you think something different. When a user is logged, their ID in the database is stored like this:


I already have the user registration, login, membership, etc., done. I just need the randomization portion mentioned above. Thanks.

CREATE TABLE referral_links (

id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

usrid int(11) default NULL,

program_id int(11) default NULL, // links to id in programs table

url varchar(255) default NULL,

state varchar(30) default NULL, //Enabled, Disabled, Suspended

impressions int(11) default '0',

clicks int(11) default '0',



CREATE TABLE programs (

id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

group_id int(11) NOT NULL, // links to program_groups table

name varchar(255) default NULL,

banner_link(255) default NULL


CREATE TABLE program_categories (

id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

name varchar(255) default NULL


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