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Application Description:

The application will serve two purposes. First, it will allow our employees to collaborate with our clients on their home automation floor plans. Second, it will store contact information, notes, and have a project schedule (calendar).

How the Application Works:

1. Customers will create an account in which they provide contact information, house information, and upload their floor plans (multiple formats accepted).

2. I (business owner) will then import the floor plans into their design page in jpg file format. Each floor (basement, first floor, second floor, etc) will have its own file.

3. I will then create the system design by dragging and dropping icons from the pallet on the right side of the page.

a. Each item that is added to the design will also be added to their equipment list and estimate page automatically.

4. I will then be able to print the entire design, parts list, and estimate.

5. After I have completed my initial design I will give the client a link to the application where they can log in and view their proposal.

a. They will have the option to move the icons around the page as well as add/remove items. These items will also automatically adjust the equipment list and estimate.

b. Any changes will be saved as “Plans Revision – Date”. That way we will be able to revert to an earlier plan if needed.

6. After the client has paid us, we will need to populate the application with installation instructions. These include PDF files and video clips. This will be linked to the parts and equipment list.


1. I must be able to back this system up daily.

2. I must be able to easily change item descriptions and pricing.

3. I must be easily able to add/remove items (icons).

4. There must be 2 pricing levels that I can assign to a user account (retail/wholesale).

5. The system must be secure. I only want clients to see their own accounts. No credit card information will be stored. All payment transactions will be done outside this application.

6. The graphics/design/interface must look like what I have created.

7. I must receive an email whenever a client logs into their account and makes a change.

What I will provide:

1. All graphics, icons, logos, images.

2. All text, item descriptions, and pricing.

3. All PDF and Video instruction sheets.

Required Sections:

1. Floor Plan Design

a. This will be the main area of the application. It will allow me and clients to drag and drop icons onto the floor plans to create their home automation system.

b. On the right hand side will be a pallet of icons. There will be 7-10 categories that they can select and 10-20 devices in each category. Each device will have a picture, description, and price.

c. There needs to be a ZOOM feature that will allow us to zoom in close on the plans to see them in detail. A slider bar would work well here.

2. Estimate & Equipment List

a. This list will be automatically generated by the icons that were dragged onto the floor plans.

b. It will break the system apart into the same categories as the legend described above.

c. It will subtotal each category.

d. It will calculate our programming charges (25% of total parts).

e. It will calculate the total price.

f. It will calculate the amount of wire and boxes required. This will be done by determining the size of the house and determining which wires are required for each device. This is easier than it sounds. I have created this calculator in Excel already and will share it with you.

3. Schedule

a. This will display a calendar which the user can click a day to make a note. The notes will look like “Projected Move In Date”.

b. I then want all calendar notes summarized on the same page in list form.

c. All of these notes should show up on my Admin/Master page showing “Username, Note”.

4. Notes

a. This page will store notes about the project. Either the user or I can type and note and hit save. It will then be automatically saved and time stamped.

5. Installation Instructions

a. After I enable this feature the client will have a list of PDF and Videos they can view/print/download.

b. Each part number (or group of parts) will be linked to these instructions. If the user purchases one of these parts, the installation instructions will automatically appear here when I enable it.

6. Back End/Admin Area

a. This will be used by employees of our company only.

b. We must be able to adjust product prices, descriptions, icons, and images.

c. We need to see a master calendar that has all of the client’s notes. We must also be able to update this list.

d. We need a master client list. This will link to their page in which we can make changes to the floor plans, etc.

e. This must be password protected.

f. If possible, I would like this back end to also be available as a desktop program that I could open locally and access everything.

Beceriler: .NET, ASP, Javascript, PHP, XML

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