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Remote Image Tooltip Script and PHP/MySQL Signup Script

I have the basic setup for what I need in place, I just need it redone to make the program work with every browser. The program I need created is a simple image tooltip, and what I mean by that is a tooltip that is an actual image, not text. This can use any scripting language, but the requirements are that the base program will be hosted on my website/server, and I want the program to be called from any website with just a simple line of code, the base image that is displayed on the page and the image displayed for the tooltip both need to be called from my server and not need to be located on the individual websites running the program. So what I would have is a small button image, like 100x40 pixel image (size isnt relavent just using it as a reference so you will follow what I mean below, the size of the image could be 100x40, or 88x33, or 250x150 or even 800x600) displayed on a person website (remote site, not the site the program itself is hosted on) and on this image, when you place your mouse over the image a new larger image opens up next to the mouse pointer which shows more information about the 100x40 pixel image, and if you were to click the 100x40 pixel image a new page will pop up with specific dimensions, currently I have the deminsions of the pop up window displayed on click to be 250x450 and I have the scroll bar removed, the resize disabled, the addressbar removed, the toolbar removed, and I would like to have the system command buttons removed and the status title bar removed but I do not know if that is possible.

The problem with the setup I currently have is that the base image (the 100x40 pixel image referenced above) and the popup image (the image displayed on mouseover events) both have to be stored on the client computer, and I need the images to all be stored on the host computer. I also need the script to compare the client domain name that is calling the script to the databse on my host computer and look for a part of the database that shows the domains status and call a different main button image (the 100x40 pixel image) depending on the status of the domain name as it shows in the database. I need to display one image if the domain name that is calling the script has 'active' service, a different 100x40 pixel image is the domain has 'invalid' service or is not listed in our database of sites. There needs to be about 5 options for 'active', such as 'active1', 'active2', 'active3', 'active4', 'active5', I also need the script to call a different 'tooltip image' based on the actual domain that is calling the script. So for [url removed, login to view] the system would use [url removed, login to view] as the tooltip image and if the script is called from [url removed, login to view] then it would pull up [url removed, login to view] as the tooltip image, keep in mind these images all need to be stored on my host computer, not the client system that is calling the script. The only thing they should have on their website is one line of code calling the script on my host system.

I would also like to have a basic signup system that will collect the customers name, username, password, hom address, website information, billing information, and making all of this transferable through POST/GET and when all information is entered the customer is then transfered to whatever payemnt system he/she has selected from the available options and their information can be transfered to their selected payemnt system using POST/GET (for simplicity the script can be made with just PayPal as the payment system. I can add the other payment options later, I want to make this as easy to do for whoever bids the best on the project. Cheap for me, easy for you), and after payment is finished at the payment processor the customer will be returned back to our site along with the POST/GET data showing payment status (paid, not paid) and the return URL page then adds that data to the database 'payment status' field to either 'paid' or 'not paid'. The paid/not paid status needs to also have an expiration set into it so 1 year after payment is received the status reverts to 'not paid'.

The system also needs to have a login page where the customer can login and the page displayed upon login uses PHP to display the customers data from the database to them, and allow them to edit the displayed information in the database right from that page. The 'logged in' page will also give them the ability to repay if they did not finish payment or renew if their account payment is about to expire, or if they just want to add more time in advance. They also need to be able to 'Logout' from that 'looged in' page as well.

I also need the signup process to provide the customer with multiple signup 'packages', and 'options'. For example they can pick 'package1' for '$2', 'package2' for '$4', or 'package3' for '$6', they can then select from different 'options' like 'option 1' for '$6', 'option 2' for '$1', option '3' for '-$5'. The 'package' they select should be what determines the 'active' status in the database (as was outlined in the above sections) so if they select package1 their status in the database would be active1, if they selected 'package2' then their status would be 'active2' and so on. The 'options's will just add into a section of the database so it can be displayed on their 'logged in' page.

I will also need an 'Admin' databse display page that I can log into and all the data from the database can be viewed or edited from that one page, allowing me to edit, create, or delete accounts from that 'admin'.

This should be a fairly simple script. Try not to focus on it being complex, it isn't, it will just appear to be. Its basicly two scripts:

Script 1 (Image Tooltip script)

These kind of scripts (image tooltip) scripts can be found in various forms and flavors all over the internet (some of them for free), the only way this one differs is the images that are called by the script are not local images, they all need ot be hosted on the same server/domain that is hosting the script (my website), this "image tooltip" script also needs to take its cues as to which file to use based on the domain name of the website that is calling the script.

Script 2 (Signup Form/User Page/Admin Page)

This is basicly just a simple set of PHP calls organized to make a pretty and easy signup system. The whole of all of these three php pages are made up of calls to the database (MySQL) and when it comes to the payment processing portion the form again is just illusion, their is no payment processing done on the signup form, it just transfers the data to a payment processor using POST/GET and receive the processing results the same way (POST/GET).

Both of these scripts need to be able to function under the SSL protocol, but that shouldnt even be an issue, I can not think what script would not work under SSL, just make sure none of the links or calls are done using anything other than the relative URL or the PATH to the links/files.

Both of these scripts will be very easy to do. Creating an image tooltip is grade school html/scripting and so is creating a php script totally based on MySQL database backend scripting. These two scripts are basicly those two items with a little tweaking. It should only take one day of dedicated coding to finish both of these scripts. I am trying to find an individual coder, or an enterprising company to put these together for me. I need someone who is fast, efficient, and not greedy. There is more work to come from whatever company can handle these tasks at a reasonable rate.

For all those who posted bids, thank you. I have done the first half of the project myself already so I am posting a revised project. I have created the remote image tooltip portion. I just need the following single page PHP scripts for signup, admin, user, and display (4 PHP pages in total)..

It will be 4 PHP scripts, each a single page. They will all just be PHP calls to a single MySQL database.

First, the signup script will take the users information, collect their name, address, business name, url, phone and fax, etc. Then will allow them to select a service type from one of 5 or 6 types (yearly service so no rebilling necessary) and then will send them a verification email to keep from using false email addresses. After they click the verify link sent to them the script will transfer them to PayPal to complete their payment, then when they have completed payment at paypal the script will receive the IPN data from paypal and input their status to 'Paid' in their entry in the database table.

The members page will also be a single page PHP script that is just PHP calls to the MySQL database. The page will require a login and the only that users information from the database table will be displayed on the page after login. It will display the information they entered during signup and will display ther account status as the table shows based on the PayPal IPN data received (or not received it will display UNPAID) such as Paid, Unpaid, and Pending. The page will also have a file upload and display features so they can upload their id scan, etc. and will show the items they uploaded as text links which will just be the file name. They can also view all the items they uploaded by clicking on the file name (displayed on the same page). They can also edit their accunt information from that same page. There is also additional data they cannot enter or edit that will be put into their entry in the database by us using the admin script (see below). They can view this information but cannot edit those specific entries. Also, some of the sections they can edit will not actually update until approved by the admin. It will also have a renew payment button so when their year is up they can renew for another year. It will also have a simple form that will just use sendmail or such to send support or other information to our email box.

The admin page will be another single PHP page made up of PHP calls to the MySQL database, with a simple login just as the memebrs page has, and when logged in it will show the admin different lists of usernames, the lists will be the customers status (Paid, Unpaid, Pending, Expired) and will show the customers URL as the username. When their url is clicked on it will show the data from their entry in the database and all of the information can be edited from there, including their payment status. Any files they uploaded can be viewed from this page and there will be a notes section that will allow database entires stored in the users entries that can only be viewed from the admin page.

The final script will be a simple PHP script that will be accessed by hyperlink and will react differently depending on the refering URL. The scripting to determine that will probably be javascript of some kind and will change the page data to display the information associated with the refering domain. An example would be that a member signs up for our service from XYZ.com and has an active account, when someone goes to this page from clicking a link on XYZ.com the page will display the persons information stored in their entry in the MySQL database since their url is also stored in the table the program will jsut match up whatever account is associated with that domain name.

These are all simple PHP scripts so I would expect their to be a lower bid than $300. All of this seems complex but it just appears that way, its just a couple pages made of display and edit, enter calls to a MySQL database. The only part that will not be like that is the portion that picks up the refering URL and displays the relevant infromation from the user associated with that URL. Although their is probably a simpler way to make the program entirely PHP driven and some PHP call that will pickup the refering URL and display the appropriate infromation based on that.

This is easy money for someone who knows PHP and MySQL. It should not take very long. This doesnt have to look pretty or have any additional bells and whistles. I will modiy the visual design of it after the fact. I just need the script setup to run and then I will integrate it into the exisiting design of my website.

Beceriler: ASP, Javascript, PHP

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