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Looking for someone who can create the idea i have.

Please read all stuff and please make an offer if you can release all the things below. If anything is not clear, please ask first!

My english isn't that good so it will not be easy to explain what i'm looking for but i'll give it a try.

The idea:

Sometimes they call it a shopping mall, but what i want is (i guess) something complete different.

Look at [url removed, login to view] (made with [url removed, login to view])

Look here: [url removed, login to view] (made with: [url removed, login to view])

And please look at [url removed, login to view]

I'm looking for something similar but then with more advance options!!

This script will consist 3 parts. But let me first explain what the intention is:

We all know the scripts where people can rent a webshop. Choose the package they want. $5 per month and they can add 10 articles, $15 for 50 articles and so on. Pay more to get more options. Soon as they have payed there shop is open and they can start customize it. Choose the template they want, domain-name, add articles and so on.

Payments will be done per 6 months and after 5 months they get a new invoice for the next 6 months.

Well, that is what i want to do too! People can rent a webshop on my website. But here they got many more options and promotion!!

I want to rental webshops per city or per topic. Every city got his own portal (website). For example [url removed, login to view]: here you can rent a webshop. Visitors of [url removed, login to view] can see a list of all webshops that are on [url removed, login to view] and they also can see a list with best selling shops, newest shops, can search for a shop, a article, sort on price, newest, deals, shop or whatever. Also can see categories, subcategories and subsub categories and so on….

When visitors sees a product then he can click on it and see more details but also can click on a link to go to owners webshop to see only that webshop what is selling that product.

I do not want a website (script) were the administrator is adding products.

I want everybody his own store his own products and so on….. I know a few dutch website's who are doing a similar thing i would do but not enough options as i want: [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view]

Okay, now you know what the basic will be……. Shopping mall per city. But it can be also a shopping mall per topic. For example [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view]

We do have (for example) [url removed, login to view] and a lot of webshops are on it. On the front of [url removed, login to view] a webshop owner can place his article for 3 days or 7 days or more (depends on what he wants to pay). To do so, he had to go to his webshop and login there and visit a article and set it to “promote on…” . Now he have to pay per sms or telephone or per ideal. Sms and telephone will go through [url removed, login to view] (will cost ¢1,30 per item or so)

So actually, all articles that visitors see on the frontpage of [url removed, login to view] are articles promoted by a webshop owner himself. This will bring me extra money and a good commercial for the shop owners!

There are 16 articles on the front page and with ajax (or something fancy) every 5 seconds another 16 items come up on the front. A rotator system?

And now the biggest different from all other shopping malls:

Visitors can put a product in there shopping-card from webshop A and a product from webshop B.

Now; it doesn't matter where buyers are… if they are on [url removed, login to view] and putting stuff in there shopping-card, or they are on a store and buying stuff there… Soon as they wanna check out to buy the stuff and make payments… they will go to a popup and see all the items they choose for. Behind every item it says what shop it comes from, the price per item (include or exclude vat), shipping-cost fort hat item. Then below the total price is showing.

Buyers are checking out with making only one payment and a script on the backend will divide the money to the right shop-owner. These payments will be done with Ideal and the script that makes this possible we already have from our payment server provider so you have to build this in.

Of-course payments can be done with paypal too but i'm not sure if buyers can make one payment then for all articles from different sellers. Also paying by credit-card through [url removed, login to view] must be possible.

Okay, so far we have webshops with their own admin. That admin puts articles in his webshop and can promote these articles on the webpage that his shop belongs to. (a website with the name of a city, for example But it can be also This last one can be a website with all webshops that has to do something with sportarticles. But we can also have [url removed, login to view] or Name it, and it is possible. )

Next step: all those city pages or topic pages belongs to one big main website! Let's call it

On the front you can see a list with all [url removed, login to view] webpages and a list with topicwebpages.

In the middle you see a list of shop per city or topic (you can choose what you wanna see. You can also choose to see products that are promoted by webshop owners.

Okay, we have:

• The main website [url removed, login to view] with an overview of webshoppages with citynames or topics.

• [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] with an overview of webshops

• Webshop with articles from shopowners

The complete script need to be work with a language file, so all text on the site is in a language-file or can be edit with a cms. Later it will be possible that visitors can choose there own language.

- please read full description i gave for the project before you post a message or bid.

- please read attachments before you post a message or bid.

- Serious bids only and only bids that match the budget.

- All the options i wrote there are needed in the project, but i'm sure that i forgot some options. It must be no problem to add options after.

- What i need is a programmer that gives his idea's on the project and will advice me on things. I need somebody who is very serious and a lot of communication, no bullshit after, just good communication! Mailing once per day about the progress and no excuses after!

- I also need help on setting up the server (i have a VDS for this project) and your help on how to handle with domainnames for the project. Also domainregistration for webshops from customers. Think we need a sort of API for it please see the attachment about the api!

- This project need to be done straight on my own server because of domainregistration testing and so on... we will work that out!

-All textpages for the mainsite and webshopnewyork (example) can be edit with a sort of cms.

- It all works with a languagefile so i can make the page in dutch, german or english.

- The quality of layout, images and so need to be like the examples i mention. High quality, a good lokking website and shops.

- The FAQ, ticket sytem has to be a sort of knownledge base. I describe it on the document but if not clear what i mean, please ask.

- Security: The website must be very very secure!!!!!!

- SEO: url friendly and so on....

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